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June 18, 2013 - Weight loss tips


Today is the day to make that change and join LighterLife! These people did and have achieved truly life-changing weight loss. Here, in their own words, drawing on their own experiences, they respond to some frequently asked questions about LighterLife…

Do you have to go to groups? What benefit do they have?
There were some in my group who you could tell were after a short-term fix; they just wanted to lose weight. But the majority of us really got involved in the conversations and the group work, and we’re the ones who have kept the weight off.
James Farrell (pictured)

Isn’t LighterLife expensive?
No! Not when you think about it. I found that I actually saved money on LighterLife. Before I started, I never realised how much I spent on food. LighterLife is really good value for money – especially as it includes weekly group support. It’s definitely worth it. After all, you can’t put a price on your health!
Darren Checkley

Is LighterLife safe?
I think there’s sometimes a misconception that because you lose the weight quickly on LighterLife, it must be unsafe. That was my initial reaction when I first heard about LighterLife. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it was my doctor who recommended LighterLife to me – and many other patients.

I was also reassured when I found out that the programme had been running for 20 years. It’s proof that it works. The Foodpacks give you your full daily nutrition, so you don’t have to worry about not eating enough or lacking any essential vitamins or minerals in your diet.

I dropped 6st in 3 months back in 2006 and never felt healthier. Before LighterLife I had sleep apnoea, varicose veins and frequent migraines, and was constantly out of breath. Now, all my ailments are gone. I feel younger, fitter and full of energy, and I sleep much more soundly!
Sally Turney

Is it really time consuming? I’m a busy working mum with three kids.
My husband and I run a family butcher business in Devon and have three children – I never seem to have a spare minute! When I told my LighterLife Counsellor that I didn’t think I had time to do the programme, she said, ‘That’s part of the problem. You don’t have time for you!’ LighterLife is only one session a week – and in that time you can forget about everything for a while and focus on you and your wellbeing. I did and I lost 9st. It’s worth every minute.
Cindy Vining

6 thoughts on “Your LighterLife questions answered

Joan Gilbert

Can you email of meetings and times near the Banstead area. Also cosr


    Hi Joan, sorry for our delay in getting back to you. To find your nearest LighterLife Counsellor in the Banstead area, simply go to our website and type in your postcode. A list of nearby Counsellors should pop up. In terms of cost, the groups are just £15 per week and Foodpacks start from £1.80.

Angela Barratt

Hello I have two questions 1 can diet controlled diabetics do lighter life and 2 how much does it cost ,I am waiting to see the consultant for a knee replacement I am only five feet tall and weigh over 12 stone.
With many thanks angela


    Hi Angela, Thanks for getting in touch with LighterLife. In answer to your questions, yes you can do LighterLife with your GP’s approval.
    In terms of cost, LighterLife groups are just £15 per week and Foodpacks start from £1.80. For more details and how to get started, contact your local Counsellor at
    I hope this helps!
    Best wishes,
    Team LighterLife

Attia Basit

I have a question. I have PCOS. Is lighterlife as effective for me as it is for a normal woman?


    Hello, in answer to your question about doing LighterLife with PCOS – yes, it is effective. The amount of weight loss that women with PCOS experience is virtually on par as weight-matched clients (who don’t have PCOS). It is a very effective means for those with PCOS to lose weight, likely to be due in part to its profound effects on insulin resistance, although much more research in this area is needed.

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