Weight loss tips: How to keep food fresher for longer

June 26, 2014 - Nutrition, Weight loss tips

469783071foodfresherIf you’re cooking for one, it can be tempting to eat more than you should, which won’t help with your weight loss. Here are some clever storage tips to help you keep food fresher for longer and avoid eating it all at once.

Did you know 13.5 billion fresh fruit and veg portions are thrown away each year in the UK? It doesn’t have to be this way. With careful preparation, you can make your food last longer and get more meals out of it.

In the freezer

In the cupboard

In the fridge

Have you got any tips for keeping your food fresh? Share your thoughts below!

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One thought on “Weight loss tips: How to keep food fresher for longer

Collette Lord

Some supermarkets like Morrisons have taken to spraying some of their fresh veg with water in a fine mist “to help retain freshness” – allegedly !!!! Why did farmers in the old days store crops in barns to “dry them off” – food that lasted 4-6 months throught the winter…. – dry food will last a LOT longer than wet food…. the supermarkets want us to buy more and more – that’s why they wet it – in the hope it will go off quicker. Dry your veggies before putting in the fridge, or wrap them in kitchen towel for a while first….. they WILL last longer.

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