Weight loss tips: How NOT to overeat over bank holiday weekend

April 29, 2014 - Weight loss tips

bank holiday foodA staggering 70% of people said they routinely sacrifice their diet when they have a long weekend off work. Here, we look at how to enjoy the May Bank Holiday without jeopardising your weight loss.

In a recent LighterLife survey conducted over Easter, lots of you admitted to struggling to maintain healthy eating habits when you have four days in a row to yourselves. More than half of you said you planned to spend the whole of the long weekend at home to indulge in food and drink.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can enjoy a healthier, happier Bank Holiday weekend with these tips.

1. Escape temptation
Easter was over two weeks ago, so if you find yourself gorging on leftover chocolate eggs, you need to find your way back to eating healthily again. How about donating any leftover Easter eggs to a local children’s charity, or to a neighbour’s children? Then restock the fridge with healthy fresh produce, including healthy snack options.

2. Plan your weekend
The reason so many of us fall into the ‘Bank Holiday binge’ trap may be down to a lack of planning, and not making the most of our time. Plan your meals and activities for the weekend. If you’re heading out with the family to the park, cinema or shops, make sure you prepare a healthy packed lunch or research eateries in the area to ensure that there is something healthy on the menu for you. 

3. Keep track of what you’re eating
‘At LighterLife, we know that it is how you think about food that will change the way you eat,’ says Mandy Cassidy, LighterLife’s Psychotherapist. ‘To ensure long term weight maintenance, we must change our mindset towards food and how we use it.’

A food diary is a great way of identifying your triggers and allowing you to see in black and white where you may be going wrong. Write down everything you eat and drink, and assess what may be making you lapse, and where you can cut unnecessary calories and/or introduce healthier options.

4. Set yourself goals
When losing weight, it’s important to set realistic targets and stick to them. Telling yourself that you’ll go running every night and day over the long weekend isn’t practical, and you may be setting yourself up to fail. Go for a morning stroll, take the stairs instead of the lift or skip the bus and walk into town. It’s best to set smaller goals and build on them as your mental strength and dedication grow.

5. It’s all about motivation
Finding ways to keep you focused on your weight loss will help you say ‘no’ to that tempting slice of cheesecake. Try printing off a picture of yourself at a slimmer time in your life and putting it on the fridge, or book a holiday. Giving yourself something to work towards will act as a continual reminder of why you are losing weight.

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