Weight loss tips: Emma’s LighterLife lessons

August 7, 2014 - Weight loss tips

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.29.10Emma Twiselton is on week 13 of her LighterLife journey and has already lost 5 stone. Here, she tells us what she’s learned so far.

As part of the LighterLife Northampton group, Emma has been attending weekly sessions with her Counsellor Tina Rahman. She’s been blogging and tweeting throughout her journey. Below are a few tips she’s picked up along the way.

Keep your goal in mind
‘Before joining LighterLife, I had been refused fertility treatment because of my high BMI. I was told I needed to lose 11 stone before I would be eligible for treatment. Essentially I had two choices – either cry for another two years, or do something about it. That same day, I joined LighterLife and now I’m almost half way to my goal. I have learnt so much about myself already and I’m that much closer to my goal of becoming a parent,’ explained Emma.

‘I would say to anyone thinking about losing weight with LighterLife that you need to focus on whatever it is that made you lose the weight in the first place. When I’m struggling, I keep in mind how I felt when I was refused that treatment, and where I want to be at the end of this. That’s what keeps me on track’.

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Keep hydrated
‘LighterLife is a VLCD (very low calorie diet), where you replace conventional food with nutritious meal replacements. This is great for me as I don’t need to worry about counting points or calories – my LighterLife plan sorts all of that out for me’.

‘When you’re abstaining from conventional food, you do need to keep an eye on what you’re drinking to make sure you are properly hydrated.

‘My work keeps me on the road a lot, so I make sure I’m always prepared with bottles of water and a large water filter in the fridge for when I get home. Keeping hydrated is really important to ensure your body works properly’.

Rethink your portions
‘Before LighterLife, my idea of what my portion size should be was much larger than the actual recommended amount. Now I understand that food is fuel for the body and that we should eat to live, not the other way around!

‘The plates I had at home weren’t helping – they’re much bigger than the recommended daily portion size, so it was easy to load up without realizing it. I’ve now invested in a smaller pink bowl, which allows me to measure out my portion size more accurately. I also use a smaller spoon, which means I take longer to finish my meal, taking more mouthfuls and have time to think and recognize when I’m full, rather than just shoveling it in! Mindful eating is a key part of changing your attitude to food.’

Be creative
‘In my first few weeks I used to struggle on the weekend when my family and friends would get together and drink wine whilst I sat there with my water. I decided to get creative and buy some LighterLife drinks mixes and sparkling water to jazz up my Saturday night.

‘I now fill my favourite wine glass with my drinks mixes – this small change really changed my mindset – you can have a good time without alcohol!’

Get snapping
‘I used to hate seeing photos of myself, but when I joined LighterLife I decided to take a selfie every week to see how I was progressing. It’s been fantastic to see the transformation in the first few weeks already, and looking back on those photos I feel a real sense of achievement.

‘Even if you don’t share your pictures with anyone, I would recommend taking a photo each week. You’ll be amazed at the difference!’

Put it into context
‘During my weight loss journey, I’ve found it helpful to compare my weight loss with the weight of objects. That way, even if I’ve had a slow week, I have a visual reminder of how far I’ve come.

‘For example, in week 12 I realized I had lost 5 stone so far – the equivalent of 7 aluminium ladders! Can you imagine carrying 7 ladders around with you all the time? That’s the amount of excess weight I had when I started this journey. It really puts things into perspective’.

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Gary Kerr

Fantastic achievement and awesome tips! You’ve done outstandingly well. Thank you for taking the time to share your tips. The trigger for me is remembering why I wanted to lose the weight in the first place. Primarily, it was the excessive amount of pain I was in every day. Knees aching, carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists and chronic lower back spasms that literally floor me. Since losing five stone I have no pain and no embarrassing moments of having to lie on the floor when visitors are here lol Thank you again for sharing and keep going!!! X

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