Tips for a Healthy Christmas: Mandy Cassidy

December 23, 2011 - Weight loss tips

Christmas can be a difficult time for those on a weight loss plan. Psychotherapist Mandy Cassidy tells us the questions we should be asking ourselves to ensure we have a healthy Christmas:

1. When I go to bed on Christmas night how do I want to feel? Proud, satisfied, content, or bloated and disappointed? How would I have had to manage during the day to feel proud of myself?

2. What is my healthy goal over Christmas? How do I plan to achieve this?

3. What special treats can I give myself over Christmas that does not involve food or drink? A brisk walk with the family, a walk to the local pub for a nightcap, a walk down by the river, playing an active game with the kids?

4. What do I want to remember Christmas for this year?

5. Will I remember what I ate and drank in a month from now?

6. When I wake up on New Year’s day, what do I want to have happened to my weight over Christmas? How will I achieve this?

1. Kick start the new year by giving yourself the treat of maintaining a healthy weight over Christmas.

2. Gather together some coins, buttons or other small trinkets. Each item represents 50 calories. You can now balance out how you spend your calories. One mince pie (250-350) can be balanced against a fresh tasty bowl of vegetables. Move your trinkets from one bowl to another so you end up having an appropriate number of calories over each day.

3. Have bowls of healthy snacks for everyone, including you. Forget the crisps and nuts, go for refreshing vegetable crudities with low fat dips. Present them in lovely bowls to make them special. Search out some great ideas when you’re planning your menus.

4. Add some hand made notes or gift tags to your Christmas tree. On each note remind yourself of how fabulous you are. E.g. I am beautiful, I love myself, be kind, be healthy etc.

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