Motivation: an essential weight-loss tool

October 31, 2014 - Weight loss tips

A lack of motivation can sometimes be the obstacle standing in the way of us reaching our goals. Our self-help guru shows us how to tap into our motivation to achieve long-term weight loss…

There probably isn’t anyone in the world who has lost weight without feeling that they can’t do it, or upset with themselves because they just ate something they shouldn’t have done.

What’s important in losing weight is that you stay focused no matter what happens and always remember what a fantastically motivated person you are. Because you are.

What is motivation?
Motivation is what drives us to achieve the seemingly impossible – it’s that little voice telling us we can do it, no matter what. If you’ve ever thought about how different you are now from when you were born, you’ll know just how motivated you are. When you decided to stand up, to walk, to talk… even though it felt hard, the end-goal motivated you to keep going.

But motivation is a complex thing
At some stage there came a time when you wanted to do something but decided you couldn’t. It might have been that someone said something to put you off or maybe you tried and ‘failed’ (you could have tried climbing a tall tree, for example, and couldn’t manage it and everyone else laughed at you) and from that moment you lost some of your confidence and felt you couldn’t do everything you wanted to do.

How motivation trumps fear
Losing your confidence may have caused a fear of failure, which led you to shy away from some of the more challenging things in your life – like going for a certain job, starting a relationship or trying to lose weight. Things that would help you create the life you want.

The thing with fear is that usually the worst-case scenario is never as bad as we think and the benefits are so much greater. So how can you tap into your motivation to help you achieve your goals?

The first step is to think about why you want to lose weight – is it for your health? A wedding? To help you get pregnant? Whatever your reason(s), writing them down and putting them up somewhere where you’ll see them regularly, will remind you of the golden carrot at the end of the line.

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