LighterLife weight loss tips: How to survive the wedding season

May 12, 2014 - Weight loss tips

wedding 87165267Wedding season is officially in full swing, and the temptation of a three-course meal, cake, champagne and a buffet will be right under your nose. If you’re struggling, fear not, as these tips will help you beat temptation and stay on your weight loss track…

1. Fill up before you go
No doubt you will be surrounded by delicious-looking food at a wedding and the idea of having ‘just one’ canapé may sound very tempting.

Tip: Don’t show up ravenous! Have your Foodpack before you go to help keep hunger at bay. You’re far less likely to give in to temptation on a full stomach.

2. Talk to the caterers
It’s a common scenario – the wedding is being held at a posh venue in town and a three-course dinner will be served. What do you do?

Tip: When you send back your RSVP, ask the bride if it would be ok if you phone the venue and ask if you can have your Foodpacks served during the meal. You could have a shake as your starter, a savoury meal Foodpack as your main (e.g. spaghetti bolognese), and a LighterLife bar for your dessert.

3. Don’t give in to peer pressure
‘You have to try the wedding cake! I made it myself!’ The mother-of-the-bride has spent hours preparing a fantastic cake for her daughter’s wedding and you feel rude not having a piece. What’s the solution?

Tip: Congratulate her on how fabulous the cake looks. Then, politely explain that you’d love to have a slice, but you’re on a weight loss programme that has helped you feel great about yourself, and that you haven’t yet reached your goal weight.

4. Keep your glass full
Alcohol usually flows freely at weddings and you just know that someone is going to ask why you aren’t having a drink. You might be tempted to have ‘just one’, but ask yourself, ‘is it really worth undoing all your hard work for the sake of a drink?’ Chances are, the answer will be ‘no’.

Tip: Instead of alcohol, you could drink soda water with ice and a slice – it looks just like a gin and tonic! For the wedding toast, fill a champagne flute with sparkling water. Make it last to avoid staff coming around topping your glass up.

5. Socialise
If you’re on LighterLife Total and having Foodpacks instead of conventional food, it can be hard to explain why you’re not eating without people asking why and fussing over you!

Tip: Avoid awkward questions by keeping busy. Chat to everyone. During the meal, you could take it upon yourself to visit each table and take photographs. Also, once the DJ starts, hit the dancefloor! Everyone will be having such a great time that they won’t even notice what you have/haven’t had to eat or drink.

If you need a bit of help losing weight and would like to get some support in a friendly environment, click here to find out more about LighterLife groups