LighterLife weight loss: 5 tips for an active autumn

September 19, 2013 - Weight loss tips

Stay safe this autumn and get the best out of your outdoor activities with our pick of the latest must-have gear… 

1) Nike Fuel band HO12600wide
Tracking your workout can be a great motivator, and allows you to push yourself that little bit more each time. The Nike Fuel band makes that simple: it’s a wristband that contains motion sensors to track your movement. It translates your activity into ‘Nike Fuel’ points. The more movement you do, the more points you get. You can share your points score with friends to encourage one another, or to compete. NikeFuel can count all activities, whether it be running, walking, basketball or hiking. It also counts the steps you take and tells the time. Available in three colours, £129.

2) Ronhill Vizion Beanie & Glove Set ronhill600wide
The cold weather is coming in thick and fast, so keeping warm while outdoors is vital. The reflective material on this Ronhill Vizion Beanie & Glove Set will help to keep you safe, while the ThermaLite fabric offers exceptional warmth and ventilation, and outstanding comfort. This set is particularly good for running, hiking and cycling as it will keep you in clear vision of drivers, £14,50.

3) Polar Rcx3 GPS polar600wide
If you’re a runner or cyclist, and are more serious about tracking your activity, then it’s worth considering a GPS watch. The Polar Rcx3 will track your route, speed and distance, which you can upload to Polar’s Personal Trainer website. The Personal Trainer gives you access to training programs, tracks your progress over time and offers feedback on each workout. It’s a great device to track the safest routes for your workout. £249.50

4) Griffin Adidas MiCoach armband AdidasSportArmband600wide
Whether it’s to track your activity or to listen to music, it is always a safer option to take your phone with you when you’re outdoors, so you can call for help if needed. Having a phone strapped to your arm might feel a little awkward at first but it makes it easy to see the screen, change songs or check your exercise statistics without fumbling in your pocket. This one from Adidas is ideal and is available for a range of devices at £19.99.

5) PUMA moveCELL pumapink600wide
Our feet don’t always get the credit they deserve. They work so hard to get us from A to B, and quite often, we don’t look after them the way we should. Why not put them first this season and treat them to a pair of PUMA moveCELL trainers? When we move, our foot changes in length, height, and proportion. Until now, our feet have adapted to our running shoes – PUMA moveCELL adapts to you! They are designed to expand and contract right along with your foot, in all directions. It gets out of the way when the foot needs to move freely, and adds extra spring, support, and protection when and where your foot needs it most. Available in a range of reflective neon colours to keep you safe while outdoors, from £80.