‘Facebook helped me lose weight’

April 30, 2014 - Weight loss tips

clarkSocial media is fast becoming the main form of communication for many of us, but can it actually help us with our weight loss? Here, we reveal how Facebook helped two LighterLife clients reach their weight loss goals…

It’s the morning after the night before, and you’ve been tagged in a photograph on Facebook. As you reach for your phone with your heart in your stomach, an unflattering photo pops up on your screen, and you say to yourself, – ‘that’s it, the diet starts tomorrow!’

Many of us can relate to this scenario, and for Clark Baxter (above) this was just the kick he needed to change his unhealthy eating habits. ‘At my biggest, I felt pretty low. I’d seen some photographs on Facebook of myself with my girlfriend – my face looked huge,’ he said. ‘She looked tiny next to me. I was horrified. After that, I joined LighterLife.’

It was Facebook that gave Clark the push he needed to make a change in his life, and it also helped him reach his 8st weight loss goal.

How can Facebook help you lose weight?
One of the great things about sites like Facebook is that they make it easy to connect with people all over the world based on shared interests, like healthy eating and weight loss, for example. LighterLife’s Facebook Page is bursting with people all in the same boat as you, who are eager to offer their support to others on the programme.

‘I used LighterLife’s Facebook Page throughout my weight loss journey,’ said Clark. ‘I added photographs of myself each time I lost a stone. The support I got from people was so motivating, and I was able to share my personal experience of the programme with others. If I ever had a bad day, I’d go on there and interact with people – support was always on hand.’

LighterLife client Emma Corrigan tracked her weight loss every day through taking photographs of herself. ‘I took a headshot every day for a year. It only took a few seconds a day; I’d just snap a selfie on my phone. I lost 13st 10lb in 12 months on LighterLife and it really changed my life,’ she said.

Emma then turned her photographs into a video:

‘The support I received from Facebook was amazing. Having that video to look back on makes me even more determined to maintain my healthy new figure.’

Top tips for taking selfies
If, like Emma and Clark, you’re thinking about taking selfies to track your weight loss, here are a few things to bear in mind.

  1. Stand in front of a clear background – preferably a wall, where there’s no clutter so that the focus is entirely on you
  2. Make sure you have good light – natural daylight if possible. If the sun is behind you then your face will be in shadow, so make sure you’re not standing directly in front of where the light is coming from
  3. Full body shots are best if you’re trying to see your weight loss progress over a period of time – although close-up shots of your face (like Emma’s) can also be helpful as long as you do the same ones every time
  4. If you’re tracking your journey over a period of time, it helps if you stand in the same pose each time so that you get a like-for-like comparison
  5. While you can use a self-timer on your smartphone to take pictures of yourself, full body shots are more easily achieved if you get someone else to take it for you. If you are self-timing though, make sure you position the camera in the same place every time you do it
  6. Once you’ve taken your photo, many cameras have an ‘edit’ function – you can use this to adjust the lighting on your picture if it has come out too dark – then hit the ‘share’ button to post it to Facebook if you wish to

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