Weight loss success stories: Teresa Green

August 1, 2014 - Success Stories

theresaLosing 4st 3lb hasn’t just given Teresa Green back her confidence, it’s helped her to build a stronger relationship with her daughter.

Like a lot of women, I started to put on weight after I got married and had children. My lifestyle had become very unhealthy, and I was aware I was gaining weight but I just couldn’t stick with any diet. I had a pair of size 14 jeans that I would squeeze into to prove to myself that my weight was still OK. Deep down, I knew my weight had become a problem. I was just kidding myself.

I’ve always been very sociable, but nothing I did was outdoors, and I didn’t do any exercise – I just didn’t have the energy. My family used to do lots of watersports at the beach, and I just sat and watched. The thought of wearing a wetsuit terrified me. I felt like I was missing out on activities with my children. As well as having a full-time job, I’m also a foster carer. I lead a very busy life so meal planning was never easy. Before
I knew it, I was over 14st.

I came across LighterLife after seeing that a friend on my Facebook had posted a video diary about her experience on the programme. Her results were fantastic, so I decided to give it a go.

The first hurdle
The first week on LighterLife was difficult. I was watching the TV and it felt like every advert or programme was about food. I remember feeling like I was grieving for food, but after battling through that first week everything changed. The group sessions were really helpful. I think you know you’re doing a lot of the behavioural things but you hide it because you think no one else is like that. The groups were so open, and everyone was so honest, it was a really safe environment. The support and experience of my Counsellor, Ann Shearer, was great, I’ve studied behavioural change in the past, but I could never apply it to myself. LighterLife helped me find new ways of
coping with food.

Thanks to LighterLife Management, I know I can still treat myself when I want to because I’m now in control. I’m Scottish and my birthday is on Burns Day, so I enjoyed a haggis dinner, which I know is high in fat. However, I know that I just need to keep up a balanced diet to keep my weight on track.

Overall, I’ve lost 4st 3lb with LighterLife, and the rewards have been fantastic. My advice to anyone thinking about doing LighterLife would be to stick at it – it really does work.

Younger than ever
Since reaching my goal weight, my lifestyle has completely changed. I look and feel younger than I did years ago. I’ve been on adventure holidays and taken part in watersports with the family. I was nervous at first about the wetsuit, but I now fit into a ‘small’!

My weight loss has changed my relationship with my daughter Ella,15. We can do so much more together now that I’m thinner. We go to the gym, and Zumba classes together, and both enjoy horse riding. I’d never have got on a horse before LighterLife! We have never been so close – she has even started to steal my clothes!

Another surprising benefit of losing weight with LighterLife has been the fact that it has eased the arthritis in my knee. I can now enjoy running, and have since taken part in 10k charity runs. I feel fantastic. I can do anything I want now, and I can wear whatever I want to wear. Never again will I allow my weight to get in the way of living a happy family life.

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