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September 26, 2014 - Success Stories

We’re encouraging you to stay focused this autumn by taking the LighterLife Pledge so that you can achieve your weight loss goals in time for Christmas.

Imagine how good you’ll feel come the party season when you can wear what you want and show off the new, slimmer you. In just a few short weeks, with the help of LighterLife, you can make a real and lasting change to your body and your mind.

Here some of our clients tell us why they decided to take the Lighterlife pledge:

Stella Sydee, 42, lost 4st in 4 months
‘I pledged to lose weight with LighterLife because I’d become a recluse. I had no motivation to do anything and felt worthless. I didn’t recognise the person I’d become and was incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin.

‘Then, with the help of LighterLife, I lost 4 stone in 4 months and turned my life around. LighterLife is the best way to lose weight because it’s rooted in the mind. If you can set up new ways of thinking then you can be healthy and slim for life. My weight loss has allowed me to love myself again.’

Sharon Shaw, 50, lost 3st 11 in 4 months
‘I pledged to lose weight with LighterLife because I’d always been a smiley, outgoing person and my 3 stone weight gain was getting me down. I needed to understand what was going on inside my head.

‘Through Lighterlife I found myself really challenging my behaviours and beliefs, questioning my relationship with food and understanding the triggers that led me to overeat.

‘Now I’ve lost the weight I’ve never been happier or more at peace. LighterLife is not a destination, it’s a journey – and one I plan to continue with forever.’

Anne Ero, 44, lost 3st 11lb in 3 months
‘I pledged to lose weight with LighterLife after gaining lots of weight after fracturing my foot. My confidence was at all time low and I felt unattractive.

‘LighterLife has given me my confidence back – I feel sexier than ever. I’m bursting with energy and couldn’t be happier with my life.’

Why not follow Stella, Sharon and Anne’s lead and make your own LighterLife Pledge?

Taking the pledge is like making an affirmation that you’re committed to your weight-loss goal and you’re doing it for you, with the help of LighterLife and your group. So go on, what are you waiting for? Take the LighterLife Pledge today.

Join more LighterLifer’s taking the pledge – Talking LighterLife (community forum),  LighterLife Facebook and LighterLife Twitter. To sign up to LighterLife visit our website or ring 0800 2 988 988.

10 thoughts on “Take the LighterLife Pledge!

susan Charles-Hoon

I plan to continue my journey. 6 stone down and ready for the next 3 stone

Sandra Procter

I used to go to Joanne Caines group in Ecclesall rd Sheffield, but I believe that they have closed that venue, I can’t get to Chesterfield but would like to restart with Lighterlife, is there a nearer venue


    Hi Sandra, drop us your postcode and we’d be happy to have a look at your nearest groups :)

tracey taylor

I start lighter life on the 13th October I am going to loose 3 stone by xmas . Bring it on


I pledge to be 3 stone lighter by New Years Eve!!


Fabulous idea. Can’t wait for each week to pass by so I can count each pound lost each week. Xmas countdown begins here.

Helen edwards

Yes I’m ready……

Averil lowe

Been there before loved it- going to get there again :)

Germaine Page

I pledged to lose weight with LighterLife because since having my daughter last October I have put on a fair bit of weight and am struggling to lose it. Before falling pregnant I had lost 4 stone with LighterLife and felt amazing – I want to feel amazing again!

Kerry Blake

By New Years Eve, I will definitely be 3stone lighter and maintaining—Yes ABSOLUTELY!!

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