Sue Edwards: ‘I’ll never take my health for granted again’

December 11, 2014 - Success Stories

Sue Edwards best (Medium)1Three years ago, Sue underwent major heart surgery to replace her aortic valve. She made a full recovery, but the experience encouraged her to be the healthiest she could be. She reveals how losing 3st 3lb with LighterLife has changed her life…

I’d struggled with my weight for years
My weight had crept up over the years. After having my two sons, I found it hard to lose the weight. I was also working long hours and travelling back and forth to London. I didn’t have the time or energy to exercise. I gained more and more weight and just felt unhealthy and stressed. I always seemed to be on a different diet; it was tiring.

My life flashed before my eyes
Heart failure – it’s such a scary word, and you never think it’s going to happen to you – but it did. Three years ago, I was walking to the train station for work and I collapsed and fell unconscious. The doctor told me I’d been very lucky, and needed heart surgery immediately to replace my aortic valve. I made a full recovery – and it felt like I’d been given a second chance.

I made my health my main priority
After six months of recovery, I felt a lot better. I realised how much the experience had affected me; I’m a mum of two, and I wanted to be the healthiest mum I could be. My weight could have been a contributing factor to my heart failure as it put more wear and tear on the valve. I took up running and even ran the BUPA Manchester 10k for the British Heart Foundation. However, never mind how fit I felt, I still couldn’t shift the weight. I’d seen my friend’s LighterLife success on Facebook, so I signed up.

Fast results on LighterLife are a given!
I joined the Bramhall LighterLife group and embraced the group work. Finding out my BMI was over 30 was a wake up call! My Counsellor explained that if I stuck to it, the weight loss was a given – it was a scientific fact! As the weeks went on, my clothes started to become lose. Within a few months, I’d lost 3st 3lb – I felt amazing! After so many failed weight-loss attempts, I felt like I’d finally won the battle. 

My group work has given me the courage to live an exciting life
The whole LighterLife weight-loss process is different to anything I’ve done before. Looking at the psychology behind why you overeat in the first place has changed my life. I use the cognitive behaviour therapy in every aspect of my life. One of our sessions was on how our personal beliefs can prevent us from doing things in life. This was the exercise that gave me the courage to fight my fears, and to say yes to new life experiences – one being a skydive on our family holiday in Florida. It was a huge achievement for me. Losing weight with LighterLife has changed the way I live my life, and I’ll never take my health for granted again.

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