Our Clients Fulfil their Dreams

January 22, 2015 - Lifestyle, Success Stories
Our Clients Fulfil their Dreams

After losing weight with LighterLife our clients go on to achieve their goals and embrace exciting new challenges in their life and we’re so proud!


‘I fell pregnant thanks to LighterLife’

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Louise met her husband, Sean, in her early twenties and they got married in 2011.

‘I felt fabulous in my size 24 dress, but my wedding photos told a different story.’

A few months after getting married Sean and I discussed having children. At the time I weighed 21 stone and I was worried that I’d have trouble conceiving but I decided that if having a baby meant giving up the junk then it was well worth it!

Louise started LighterLife in April 2012 and by November that year she had reached her target weight. ‘Soon after reaching my weight-loss goal, I fell pregnant and Sean and I were over the moon. If I hadn’t lost weight with LighterLife, I don’t think I’d have conceived the conventional way.’

‘I never take my eye of the ball’ 

Lighter Life 16, portraits of Rafic Massih

Takeaways, parties, microwave meals – after piling on the pounds at university, tennis fanatic Rafic Massih hung up his racket as he struggled with his weight.

‘I started playing tennis at the age of 12 and I loved it. When I started university, i got lazy and was eating a lot of takeaways. I soon stopped doing exercise and eventually stopped playing altogether. After I graduated I struggled with my weight and I remember once playing a game of tennis and it was horrible – I could hardly move my legs!’

A friend’s girlfriend recommended LighterLife so I contacted my local counsellor, Clare Bonner. I went to my first session with the notion that it would be too expensive and wouldn’t work. I gave Claire two weeks to prove it was worth the investment. She promised me that I’d lose weight and that I smash my weight-loss target.

When the pounds did start coming off, I was shocked that I’d actually found an answer to losing weight and I was finally able to pick up my racket again!’

‘Sometimes people think I’ve had gastric surgery, but I’m so proud I’ve done it all myself.’ – Rob Gillet lost 20st with LighterLife

Rob Gillet

‘At my biggest I was 41 stone 10lb and I didn’t like what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I’d tried almost every diet and I decided to go on the Channel 4 show ‘Supersize vs Superskinny’. The attention I got was horrendous. I had the media calling me ‘the human doughnut’ and people on the internet were telling me I was wasting my life. It was awful.

I received a lot of abuse about my weight when I was at school and I used eating as a way of coping with the stress. I don’t want to make excuses, but I know that my issues with food are directly linked to these events.

When I heard about LighterLife I wanted to try and do it for myself because I knew if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be around for much longer. When I went to my first session, it was like a light bulb coming on. For the first time, I was on a weight-loss programme that tackled the emotional issues of eating and 20 months later I’d gone from 33st 13lb to 13st 8lb.

‘Now I feel great about myself…. I have so much energy that I’m always raring to go. I’ve taken up Nordic walking, and I do spin classes, circuits and all sorts!’

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John Fuller

I have replied positively via your internet enquiry site, to a local agent at Hessle, I have also tried to phone her , to date had no reply so trying to do my own thing. Sadly not happy and have been with her before and she let me down.


    Hi John, I’m so sorry to here that, I’ve asked our customer care team to get in touch with you by email, obviously we don’t have a contact number for you, so if you’d like to get in touch with me by email with your contact number we’ll try and get you to where you want to be!

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