Natasha Fenton’s LighterLife Weight Loss Journey

January 19, 2012 - Success Stories

Natasha became overweight during her first pregnancy at 22 years old. She used her pregnancy as a license to eat – she gained weight and became settled in her new way of life as a mother. It wasn’t until she had given birth for the second time that she realised something needed to change.

Shortly after her second baby Natasha separated from her partner, experienced a redundancy at work and began to feel very low. At this point she realised she needed to lose weight and she was determined to stick to it.

We asked Natasha some questions about her weight loss journey:

Why did you choose LighterLife?

I liked the sound of LighterLife, not only would I see noticeable results every week, but it promised to explore the emotional reasons behind my weight gain. My mind was made up when I met my Counsellor, Cordelia Garrelts – I felt I could talk to her about anything. She was a tower of support!

What was being on LighterLife like for you? 

I wanted to make sure I got as much out of my group meetings as I could. Looking in the mirror and seeing the weight come off in those first few weeks was so motivating – it really spurred me on and gave me the confidence to tackle the other areas of my life I’d been neglecting.

What did you learn from your LighterLife group?

I began to realise that I’d been using food to smother my feelings. Often I’d get home at nine o’clock from work and eat a big dinner, even if I wasn’t hungry.  I used to ‘reward’ myself at the end of the day with foods like cheese on toast, chocolate or biscuits.

LighterLife helped me realise that I wasn’t eating because I was hungry – I was eating because I was bored, stressed or tired.

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How important is Phase One Management?

LighterLife Phase One Management helps you to think about the kind of foods you’re eating and what works or doesn’t work for you. What I found enjoyable was trying different types of food and exploring new ways of cooking. Now I eat when I’m hungry, I really listen to my body. Yes, I still have times when I overdo it, but it’s all about balance. I keep track of what I’m eating and plan what I’m going to have next.

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Natasha now has confidence she didn’t know she had in her! She has gone down to a size 8-10 and successfully maintained this weight since 2009. She is happier, healthier and lighter as a person. Since doing the programme she has started a great new job, rekindled her relationship with her partner and is now engaged to be married! Natasha says:

‘It’s all thanks to LighterLife. If you do it, commit to it 100% and really apply what you learn in-group, you will keep the weight off’.

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