LighterLife success story: Mary Stuart-Miller

November 23, 2012 - Success Stories

Mary Stuart-Miller has rediscovered her passion for living thanks to LighterLife!

Mary is set to feature in December’s LighterLife magazine and we wanted to give you a little taster of what to expect…

‘It seems impossible that less than a year ago I looked completely different to what I do now. When I signed up for LighterLife, I was large and round, and felt like a pumpkin.’

Mary joined LighterLife after giving up on herself after two difficult relationship break-ups. She could hardly recognise the person she had become and even at her initial LighterLife meeting she found out she was a stone heavier than she thought!

Group Work

‘Attending the group counselling sessions made me realise how low my self-esteem had become during the years of bringing up the family alone. I’d given up caring about how I looked and I’d focused on providing for the children, almost punishing myself in the process.’ 

Four months later, Mary was 5 stone down and working her way towards living a more fulfilling life.


‘By April, I had reached my goal weight and started LighterLife Management. I found that everything tasted just fantastic and so fresh, even a simple tomato! With the support of my Counsellor Jo and the weekly meetings, I started to gain confidence in my new eating pattern and realised that I’d achieved something absolutely amazing that I wasn’t going to lose overnight.’


In early May, Mary hosted the international media during an 11-day Mediterranean cruise on board a brand-new luxury cruise ship built specifically with food lovers in mind. Equipped with her LighterLife tools, she knew that in order to maintain her new weight, she had to make smarter, more balanced food choices.

There has also been other significant changes in Mary’s life. In August, she changed her Facebook status. It now reads, ‘In a relationship’.

‘Finding someone special has really completed my journey. I keep having to pinch myself, especially when I see photos of us together and I see the smiling, slim Mary looking back at me, bursting with happiness and confidence.’

To read Mary’s story in full, make sure you purchase the December LighterLife magazine which is available on December 26th.

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