LighterLife Weight Loss Success Stories

November 28, 2011 - Success Stories

Weight loss success storyFeel a million miles from your weight loss target? Take inspiration from LighterLife weight loss success stories Jacqueline, Sue and Alsyon. These ladies all started to lose weight at the same time, helping each other to achieve their goals and in the meantime becoming the closest of friends….

Jacqueline Pae:

Healthy meal success storyPrior to LighterLife…
After her pregnancy, Jacqueline became mentally and physically depressed bout her weight. Developing bad eating habits, she would pick at what the children were eating and usually finish what was on their plate. Jacqueline avoided looking in the mirror and couldn’t stand the sight of her own reflection.

Jacqueline now feels a million dollars. She listens to her body when she’s full and is physically able to do much more with the children, partaking in all kinds of activities, including cycling trips and running! Jacqueline says ‘My energy and confidence have never been so high!’

What did Jacqueline love about LighteningUp with LighterLife?
‘The group sessions really made the difference from the other weight loss programmes I’ve done. Not only do I feel great, I have made two life long friends. We have supported each other through thick and thin.’

Alyson Mills:

Diet success storyPrior to LighterLife…
Alsyon became overweight when she got married. She loved cooking and baking, which helped her gain weight after pregnancy. She picked up bad habits at work, snacking on crisps and chocolate and doing little exercise – making the weight pile on thick and fast.

Since staring LighterLife, Alyson feels like a new person. She has two new best friends in Jacqueline and Sue and has lost lots of weight, meaning she can now wear ‘normal clothes’.

What did Alyson love about LighteningUp with LighterLife?
Alyson now has her confidence back, ‘I’m going on holiday to Italy this year and I can’t wait to be by the pool feeling confident, wearing nice clothes and feeling great! That’s all thanks to LighterLife.’

Weight loss sucess storySue Hunter
Prior to LighterLife…
For Sue, weight was always a problem. She had tried all sorts of diets, but never managed to reach a weight she was happy with. It wasn’t until her daughter moved abroad that she came up with the courage to make the change and re-evaluate her own life.

‘With the help of Alyson and Jacqueline, I have successfully managed to reach a weight I am proud of. The hardest part was Christmas dinner – but with the girls and my Counsellor we came up with a way to incorporate our food packs into Christmas day. My only regret is wishing I’d done it years ago!’

What did Sue love about Lightening Up with LighterLife?
‘The group sessions taught me to no longer treat myself with food; instead I reward myself in ways such as booking regular facials. The new me thinks ‘I deserve to wear that little black dress and feel great!’’

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