LighterLife weight loss success stories: Lucy Woolford

August 8, 2013 - Success Stories

Lucy WoolfordLucy Woolford, 23, from Rotherham, lost 4 stone 8 lbs in four months on LighterLife. Here, she tells us how her mum motivated her to lose weight and how she finally got into the size eight wedding dress of her dreams.

LighterLife: What made you decide to start LighterLife?
Lucy: I had tried many diets in the past and nothing was working, I had just started my nurse training at university and felt that I was not setting a very good health example for my patients – how could I inform patients of the importance of good health when I was very much overweight?

Despite this, I was still not very motivated and did not see myself as overweight until my mother said, ‘Lucy at the age of 20 your own health is suffering from being overweight and you are, in fact, obese’. They were harsh words, but they worked. I knew something had to change. She offered to pay for me to do Lighterlife as I was on a student bursary and money was tight. Although it cost money, I knew that the only way for my to loose weight successfully was to take food out of the equation and understand why I was overeating.

LighterLife: What’s your favourite thing so far about your LighterLife experience?
Lucy: When shopping for clothes, I would still automatically pick up a size 16 to try on. My friends would say ‘Lucy what are you doing? You’re a size 8 now!’ That was a fantastic feeling once reality finally kicked in.

I got married in June this year, having maintained my goal weight for the last three years. Being able to fit into my dream dress was amazing and showed me just how far I’d come.

LighterLife: What keeps you motivated?
Lucy: My weekly meetings were at Wickersley in Rotherham with my LighterLife Counsellor, Vivienne. I loved the group sessions, especially when it was my turn to get weighed. The big loss each week was what kept me motivated, and family and friends started commenting on how good I was starting to look.

Another tactic that worked for me was half way through my journey I bought a size eight pair of jeans which were too small for me, I said I would stop the diet once I fitted comfortably into them. By the end of my journey, the jeans were too big for me! That’s when I knew I had arrived at where I wanted to be.

LighterLife: What’s been your biggest challenge so far on your weight loss journey?
Lucy: At the start of my LighterLife journey I did wonder whether I would be able to stick to it, as I am a big food lover. But each day it got easier and easier, and I found myself not even thinking about food and thinking more of what I wanted to achieve.

LighterLife: If you could give one piece of advice to other members, what would it be?
Lucy: My advice to other members is to imagine what you want your body to look like and then go and get it! My body was covered in stretch marks and I looked dreadful for my age, but now I love it and the stretch marks have faded. If you know what you want, you can achieve it – just keep your goal in mind.

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