LighterLife weight loss success stories: Ciaran Kennedy

August 12, 2013 - Success Stories

ciaran kennedyCiaran Kennedy, 22, from Cumbria, lost 3 stone 5 pounds in 12 weeks with LighterLife. Here, he tells us how LighterLife has opened up new possibilities for him in his career and personal life.

LighterLife: In your opinion, what makes LighterLife different to other weight loss programmes?
Ciaran: What made LighterLife great for me is that it removed the issue of food. On LighterLife Total, I had four foodpacks a day and didn’t have to think about what to eat. Alongside this, the weekly group meetings allowed me to get to the bottom of why I overate. For me, it was down to portion control and being too tired in the evening to stand and cook healthy meals. It was easier to grab a pizza. Since being on LighterLife, I’ve changed my outlook and I’ve never felt so healthy. I’ve got bundles of energy and when I hopped on the scales each week, I just felt better and better.

LighterLife: Do you think people have a different attitude to a man who says he wants to lose weight, as opposed to when a woman does the same thing?
Ciaran: People think that men don’t care what they look like, but we do! For me though, it’s not just about being slim – it’s about being healthy and happy with myself. It shouldn’t matter whether you’re male or female; it’s about being healthy. If you’re sat there saying ‘I don’t care what people say, I’m happy as I am’, that’s fine – but if you’re obese and suffer with health problems, you need to have a talk with yourself. Do you really feel that way? Or is it just something you’re telling yourself to deal with the situation?

LighterLife: What were the reactions of your friends and colleagues when you said you were doing LighterLife?
Ciaran: People at work were worried and said ‘you’re wasting away,’ but after I explained the concept to them, they understood it and were very supportive of me. They really encouraged me to keep going. Without my workmates and partner, I’m not sure if I would have completed it.

LighterLife: What’s the best/most useful thing you learned about yourself while you were on LighterLife?
Ciaran: I learnt that I have much more will power than I thought I did. The little voice inside my head telling me to have a pizza was only out to get me. I’ve got rid of that voice now, and on the whole I’m calmer and more reasonable when it comes to thinking about food, and life in general.

I‘m originally from Ireland and found that when I moved to Cumbria, people were drawn to me because of my accent and wanted to talk. I used to feel nervous about this because I hated the way I looked and felt like a giant. Nowadays I’m much more confident and can now use my Irish charm to my advantage at work!

LighterLife: How are you balancing your weight now that you’ve reached your goal?
Ciaran: I go for a run every morning and a walk in the evening after work. It’s a great way to wake up and get rid of stress at the end of the day. It also means I don’t eat junk food after work – I realised I don’t have to and I no longer want to. People thought the weight would come back on again after I went back to ‘normal food’, but it hasn’t – I am still maintaining my weight. I now realise that food is fuel and I use it that way. LighterLife has really changed my life – so many more possibilities have opened up in my career as well as in my personal life because of it.

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