LighterLife Magazine Cover Star: Meet Glynis John

March 15, 2013 - Success Stories

LighterLife success storyDeclined an operation to cure a knee Injury, nurse Glynis John decided that she had little option but to lose weight. Read more about her journey with LighterLife and keep an eye out for her in the new LighterLife magazine!

I had to go on sick leave from nursing because of my knee. I had keyhole surgery in March 2011 and it didn’t repair so I decided to take retirement – I’d worked as a qualified nurse for 33 years.

I put weight on gradually. It was eating at the wrong times because of my work and the pounds just went on.

Glynis’ GP put her forward for a partial knee replacement, but she was deemed too unhealthy to undergo surgery and so the operation was cancelled.

He told me it was because my BMI was so high at 45.7 as my weight was 20st 12lbs. He said his daughter had done LighterLife and suggested I try it as it had worked for her.

Glynis decided to join her local LighterLife group and she embarked on the Total programme with her close friend, Denese. Over the course of nine months, the pair both reached their target weight; Denese had shed two stone whilst Glynis had lost a brilliant nine stone.

I had no problem sticking to the diet because I knew I had to lose weight. With other diets you aren’t encouraged to figure out why you eat the way you eat. LighterLife gives you the space to sit down and get to the root of why you’re mismanaging food.

Her weight loss success meant that she could undergo the knee surgery. Glynis fully recovered and she now works as a nurses’ helper at a college.

I loved nursing and, when I was offered this job working 3½ days a week, it seemed perfect – I wouldn’t have gone for it if I hadn’t lost weight.

Both Glynis and Denese thoroughly enjoyed their photo shoot. Dense initially came to support Glynis, but she ended up involved in the shoot as well.

I’m really happy with my makeover. My hair was styled to give it some lift and I love it – in fact, I’m going to ask my hairdresser to see if she can recreate the look.

I loved the patterned dress. I’ll definitely be experimenting more with colour now, rather than sticking to neutrals.

Glynis was delighted with her LighterLife journey, and paid great tribute to her counsellor, Alicia Blaney.

The support of the LighterLife team and the management group was great, I have two girls in my group who just constantly encouraged me when I was panicking about going back on to food, they were absolutely brilliant.

Alicia was equally praising of Glynis:

I’m so pleased Glynis had this opportunity.  She fully engaged with the LighterLife group work and had amazing results. She’s a real inspiration to new clients.

Glynis’ aim now is to resist temptation and maintain her healthy lifestyle. During her birthday celebrations, she stuck to the lessons she had learned:

I had a glass of wine poured out for me which I hadn’t had since I started back in September – and I couldn’t drink it!

I had two mouthfuls and realised I didn’t want it, so that was nice to know that I could have a glass now and be happy to leave it.

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