LighterLife is worth every penny

October 28, 2014 - Success Stories


You can’t put a price on good health and happiness, that’s why LighterLife is the best thing I’ve ever done ­– and it was worth every penny. I’ve maintained my weight loss for over three years now. Let me tell you how my life has changed since losing 2st 12lbs in three months with LighterLife…

1. I exercise regularly
After I had my children, my weight started to pile on. I used to get terrible pains in my knee, and I’d have to wear a knee support to help reduce the pain. I’m also asthmatic, which meant I found it hard to breathe – so exercise has never been a huge part of my life.

However, thanks to losing weight with LighterLife, I don’t get any knee pain, so I’ve kissed goodbye to my knee support! I no longer need to use my inhaler as often as I used to, and I walk, cycle and swim frequently.

2.    My husband can’t get enough of me
I knew when I started LighterLife that I was in it for the long run, and that I was making a change for myself – no one else. If I’m determined to do something, I’ll do it. But I didn’t realise how much my life would change once I’d shifted the weight. I knew I’d look and feel healthier, but my husband can’t get enough of me! We are closer than ever before, and I think it’s because my confidence has grown, and I’m a much happier, more positive person.

3.    I’ve proved to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to
I’ve always made excuses in the past as to why I couldn’t lose weight. When I first enquired about LighterLife, I thought it was out of my budget. However, I’d had enough of making excuses and decided to prove myself wrong.

When I reached my weight loss goal, I felt amazing – you can’t put a price on that. The help and guidance I received from my group was fantastic, and it was worth every penny. It was also great to meet people in my group who were on the same journey as me. We were all there to support and motivate one another; it was an amazing experience.

4.    I’m a size 10 and loving it!
I’ve been a size 10 for over three years now – and I love it! I’m able to wear lovely clothes that make me feel great. Thanks to my LighterLife group, I’m equipped with the tools I need to maintain my weight loss. I don’t ever want to go back to the size I was. I even visit my Counsellor once a month to make sure I stay on track. I couldn’t be happy with my transformation.

Just starting on your journey? Here’s my advice…
Persevere to the end; it will all be worth your dedication and hard work. You will get to the end of the tunnel and achieve your goal if you stick to the plan. Stay motivated and think of why you decided to join in the first place.

LighterLife isn’t just a diet; it helps you change your whole life!

Author: Madge Whitehead

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