LighterLife Success Story: Julia Rogers

March 5, 2013 - Success Stories

Julia has a new found confidence!LighterLife

Julia decided to join LighterLife after a health scare involving her mother forced her to confront her weight issues head on.

‘It was only after having a heart to heart with my Dad, while we sat in hospital waiting to hear what was wrong with Mum that I had a moment of clarity. Dad mentioned that he was concerned about my health too, with me being overweight and it was all the motivation I needed.’

With the help of LighterLife, Julia has lost an incredible six stone, and she is now delighted with her current weight of 12 stone 3 pounds, which she hopes to maintain.


Her weight loss gave her a whole new outlook on life, and now she admits she is much happier after embarking on the Total Programme. Her stunning results have also improved her relationship with her Husband, David.

‘He’s been great, a real support every step of the way. We’ve always had a very close relationship but I feel as my confidence has grown, then so our relationship has improved too. It’s a fantastic feeling.’


Julia also says that her new-found confidence and motivation has allowed her to achieve so much more at work, where she is a PA for the managing director of Eurolines Coach Company.

‘My whole attitude to work is slowly changing, I am more confident in meetings. I am not afraid to put my point across, it’s very exciting as my boss has mentioned it will lead to a widening of my role and travelling to represent him at meetings in Europe. I am very lucky my boss is really supportive and it’s great that my new found confidence is being noticed so quickly.’


Julia attributes her success to the faith of her friends and family, who supported her throughout her weight loss programme.

‘My best friends were great throughout the entire process, giving me support whenever I needed it and really spurring me on. Mum and Dad couldn’t be prouder of me either. And for me it’s the reaction of my family and friends that really makes it all worthwhile.’

Of course, Julia pays full tribute to the work of LighterLife and her counsellor, Andy Conroy.

‘Whenever I had a wobbly moment, my counsellor, Andy was great, I’d text him and get the reassurance needed to carry on. Within five months though I’d reached my goal of wearing size 14 clothes, I’d recommend LighterLife to anyone who wants to change their life.’

Watch out for Julia’s upcoming appearance in Woman magazine to read her story in full.

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