LighterLife success stories: Jenny Stevens

May 29, 2013 - Success Stories

Jenny Stevens collage_EditHospital Matron Jenny, 61, from Torbay in Devon has been on LighterLife for six months and has lost 7 stone already. We caught up with her to find out how her life has changed since joining LighterLife.

LighterLife: What made you decide to start LighterLife and how long have you been doing it for?
Jenny: When I joined LighterLife in June 2012, I weighed 22 stone and was desperately unhappy with my size and body image, as well the increasing health problems that obesity brings, like high blood pressure. A friend of mine lost 4 stone on LighterLife and highly recommended it. Having tried all other weight loss programmes and failed to lose the amount I was desperate to lose, and keep it off, I decided to give it a try. It really is the best choice I’ve ever made.

LighterLife: What’s been your biggest challenge so far on your weight loss journey?
Jenny: Life itself is a challenge. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 1998. Finding out I had cancer was a frightening time – I thought I was going to die. I had a lumpectomy and lymph gland clearance followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which took its toll on me physically and mentally. The illness and treatment had a massive negative impact on my figure and confidence. Following chemotherapy and steroids, my weight just kept increasing. To be told you have cancer and are morbidly obese as well is shattering. I just want people to know they can look beyond it, beat it and then go for what they want in life – after all I am a survivor 14 years later. As for my weight, I acknowledge that I have more weight to lose, but I like myself now and have made a commitment to myself to stay fit and healthy. Losing weight has ultimately transformed my life.

LighterLife: What keeps you motivated?
Jenny: Seeing the weight drop off and my BMI reducing rapidly by totally committing to the programme has been a real motivator. I feel healthier, and able to do more. I’m now a gym bunny. I can swim, walk and wear fabulous ‘off the peg’ clothes. Add to that the fact that the compliments keep flooding in, and you can see why I’m feeling so much better about myself!

LighterLife: What’s your favourite thing so far about your LighterLife experience?Jenny: I’m now looking and feeling 20 years younger and really enjoying the compliments. Shopping is much more fun – no more big girls’ shops for me, and I’m throwing out the old Bridget Jones big knickers! I even got asked for I.D on the bus, as the ticket inspector didn’t think I was old enough to have a senior railcard – who’d have thought it? At 61 years of age he thought I was in my early 40s, which is nice!

LighterLife: What are you doing now that you couldn’t do before?
Jenny: My renewed confidence has spurred me on to put myself forward for corporate projects, and enrol in evening classes. Before my weight loss I shied away from putting myself in the spotlight. My daughter has actively encouraged me during my weight loss journey and is so very proud of my efforts. Sarah loves my new figure and has admired my new choice in style of clothes and colour choice. To celebrate, we will be taking a trip to Lake Garda in the spring. Travel is definitely back on the agenda for me now – no need to worry about airline seating or having to request a seat belt extension anymore.

LighterLife: If you could give one piece of advice to other members, what would it be?
Join the LighterLife family NOW – with commitment and focus you will achieve your goals.

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Sarah Stevens


    Kathleen Kiernan

    Like to say well done to Jenny. its a great achievement ,must say I feel the same I joined lighter life as well 9 weeks ago & I ‘m very happy with myself I’v lost 3st.1lb in that space of time I joined with Katrina Tansley in Mullingar Co. Westmeath which is in Ireland its the best thing I’v done apart from going circuit training also I m over 60

sharran brown

This seems too good to be true the only thing that concerns me nobody talks about the cost and if it doesn’t suit you is it easy to cancel. Could somebody please advise me and put my mind at ease. As i feel this is a big step not to be taken lightly


    Hi Sharran, I hope you are well. Joining LighterLife might not be as much as you think.The groups are just £15 per week and Foodpacks start from £1.80. Clients often find that if they break down how much they normally spend in a week on food and drink then it actually works out quite good value. Plus, the total includes the cost of weekly group support, too. If you need any more info, drop us an email with your phone number and one of our team can give you a ring.


Lovely to read your story, well done! X

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