LighterLife Success Story: I Lost Weight For My Daughter

March 8, 2012 - Success Stories

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re taking a look at the weight loss journey of LighterLife client Diane Hill, who was inspired to lose weight by her 24 year old daughter Nicole. Diane’s Counsellor is Jenny McDonald from Coventry.

My parents come from Barbados and food was always a big part of my social life. We love to eat! A Sunday roast involved a good mix of English and Barbadian food. My plate would be stacked with vegetables and meat, and then the Barbadian twist of rice, peas, macaroni pie and sweet potatoes.

Besides my big portions, I also loved chocolate and crisps, and would eat them regularly in the evenings. As I was eating too much, far too often, my weight just kept piling on. I was really unhappy and had to do something.

Both my daughters were supportive throughout my LighterLife journey. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I’d have the healthy new body I have today. Nicole (pictured) was always on hand if I needed advice or encouragement. During my first week on the programme, I remember Nicole putting things into complete perspective. She said, ‘think about how long you’ve had issues with your weight, and think about how quickly you will lose it.’ She was right, and it was completely worth it.

My journey to a lighter life

During my journey I kept a diary, and Nicole is mentioned often. Some days, I’d say to her, ‘I feel a bit hungry’, and she would tell me to have a glass of water and then see if I was still hungry afterwards – more often that not, I wasn’t.

Since LighterLife, I feel so much fitter. I no longer live life as a spectator. Nicole has been a gymnast since she was five, and I volunteered at the gym where she trains. Thanks to LighterLife, I can now look good when I go down to the gym club and feel fantastic in my sport leggings and top.

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2 thoughts on “LighterLife Success Story: I Lost Weight For My Daughter

Jackie Tarn

Well done Diane, both you and your daughters should be very proud, I too commenced on my journey with Lighter
Life August 2011 and have not looked back since, I have lost in total 6st 8lbs and have a very strong family support which will continue to assist me throughout as my journey continues, and of course not forgetting my counsellor Dawn Burton (Nuneaton) and the ladies in our class. As my journey continues I will move further forward to where I want to be drawing strength from all these people. I had to smile last week when my son said to me “Mum I have never seen you this thin you don’t look like my Mum anymore, ever since I have know you you have been big” Bless him.. Good luck to you for the future and enjoy your new found life :)


Well done !!!!

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