‘How I’m Going for Goal’

February 13, 2015 - Success Stories
‘How I’m Going for Goal’

Author and agony aunt Caroline Buchanan tells us how she’s using her LighterLife wisdom to lose 2 stone for her daughter’s wedding…

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Goals are milestones for measuring your progress. As you start your LighterLife journey, setting goals for your healthier, lighter life will help you stay on track.

SMART goals are:

The pressure is on. I am about to take on the role of mother of the bride, (or MOB for short!). A very good reason then for losing my excess weight. What’s more, the celebration will take place in high summer in South Africa – in two months’ time. Two very good reasons then…

However, the list is growing… Got to find my ‘best’ body for a wedding outfit, razor up the cheekbones for a flattering that and get in some sort of beach-friendly shape. If only that were all… I have not yet met the mother of the groom, but I’ve seen pictures. She’s slim, blonde and utterly gorgeous. I can’t compete…

‘Adapt or perish’ was one of my dear mum’s mantras. So time, methinks, to channel all that I’ve learnt on LighterLife with a bit of goal setting. I kick off with a mindfulness tape, a 10-minute breathing exercise to keep in the moment. ‘It is as it is’ I remind myself, which always helps me. Then, I write down my SMART goals:

OK, let’s go for it:

S – I will get all my nutrition from four LighterLife Foodpacks and abstain from all other foods in order to have my best body for the wedding

M – I will get weighed once a week, and I will do my breathing exercise every day

A – I am ready to do this

R – I will make me the top priority for the next two months

T – I will be two stone lighter for my daughter’s wedding

‘Now how would you feel if you achieved your goal?’ asks Maddy, a psychologist and one of my dearest friends. I tell her I would feel absolutely delighted, have a big boost of confidence, and bask in the knowledge that I’m in control of the situation rather than wasting needless energy just worrying about it.

Manageable Tasks

So far, so good. I’m visualising the scene, something else that really helps goals actually happen. I can feel, taste, touch, and see the dream coming true. ‘You OK?’ Maddy asks, observing my serene expression. I explain what’s happening. ‘Wow! Now you’ve got that picture in your head, you need to break your goal down into manageable tasks.’

I’m on it. I’m fired up. I write out a plan, decide I’m going to weigh myself only once a week and go for regular brisk walks. ‘It’s very important you reward yourself at regular intervals,’ says Maddy. So if I play my cards right could I actually have my cake and eat it, too? You know what, I could! But, I think, I’ll delay gratification until it’s time for the (slimmer) MOB to enjoy a slice of that wedding cake.


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    Hi Corinne, thanks for your comment if you don’t have a LighterLife center near you, you can register and do our online programme LighterLife2U

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I have tried this site several times but it keeps showing up Edinburgh as nearest class. I live in Paisley, Renfrewshire.


    Hi Jeanne, thanks for your comment, I did trying emailing you, if you don’t have a LighterLife center near you, you can register and do our online programme LighterLife2U

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