4 things I learned on LighterLife

November 11, 2014 - Success Stories


Joanne Morley, 45, from Oldham, lost two and a half stone on LighterLife. Here, she tells us four things she learned on the plan…

1. It’s never too late to lose weight
I put my weight on in my early 40s. I was eating and drinking a bit more than usual and not doing any exercise. When my clothes started to get tighter and I began to feel middle-aged and frumpy, I knew I had to do something about it.

Doing LighterLife and reaching my goal weight at 45 I feel like I have a new lease of life. I’ve joined a gym, I’m doing Zumba and Pilates classes and I love going for long walks. I’ve also got the travelling bug and have been to Venice, Paris and Rome this year – and hope to continue having more adventures with my family.

2. I have willpower
I was worried when I joined LighterLife Total that I’d struggle to stick to the four Foodpacks a day. But it didn’t take me long to discover which Foodpacks I liked best and to settle into a routine. I was determined from the outset to stick to the plan and seeing the weight drop off so quickly was a real motivator.

3. Group support is key
The weekly group sessions were my favourite thing about LighterLife. I got to know some really lovely women. The sessions were small and friendly, and I came to really look forward to my Saturday morning groups. Carol Graves, my Counsellor, was great – always supportive, with lots of advice and encouragement. I loved how upbeat she was. She really knew her stuff and just “got” me and the other ladies. Also, the discussions really gave me something to think about each week and take away with me to apply to how I approach my life and diet.

4. Sign up to Management
Once you lose weight with LighterLife it pays to sign up to their Management groups. The continued group support I get helps me to maintain my weight loss. Plus the nutritional and diet information you receive is invaluable. I’ve learned skills that will help me to keep the weight off long term.

Author: Joanne Morley

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