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November 5, 2014 - Success Stories

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In just one and a half months, Carlo Bortoloni, 45, from Newcastle Upon Tyne, lost an amazing 1 stone, 12 pounds. He joined LighterLife with his wife earlier this year and now can’t get enough of the activities he used to dread. Here, he shares how his life has changed and gives you the steps you need to achieve LighterLife success!

I joined LighterLife to gain control over my eating habits and to get to the source of why I was overeating. Not only did I lose 1st 12lbs in one and a half months, but I’ve also gained more confidence, a passion for running and even a new job! This is how I did it:

Step 1: Treat the cause not the symptoms
I used to hate the very thought of clothes shopping as I’d become one of those people who had to look to the back of the rail for the larger sizes. I was so ashamed of how big I’d become; I knew I had to make a change.

I’ve watched colleagues at work get hung up on counting calories and points when trying to lose weight. But from experience I knew that this was neither sustainable nor realistic. I didn’t want to be bound to a diet. I wanted to re-educate myself; to understand what my body needed to be the efficient machine it was meant to be. If I was going to fix my weight I had to treat the cause and not the symptoms of my overeating; that was why my other diets had failed.

Step 2: Get the support you need
The LighterLife group sessions were so revelatory. I thought I knew everything about myself. But having someone to expertly help you hold up the mirror was nirvana for me on my weight-loss journey. Using tools like transactional analysis really helped me get to grips with my behaviours that often led to overeating. I will forever be in Lucy Caplan’s debt for her endless support – she’s an amazing Counsellor!

I was also very lucky to have my wife, my best friend, to help and support me throughout my journey.

Step 3: Work towards something
I’ve always wanted a beautiful fitted suit, so I promised myself I’d get one once I’d achieved my weight-loss goal. The day I got measured and went to collect it was fantastic. I love nice clothes, and now I like nothing better than clothes shopping with my beautiful wife.


Before LighterLife

Step 4: Change your outlook
I wasn’t particularly active, I disliked running with a passion. Running to me was something you did in the event of an emergency! But I was desperate to shift the extra pounds, so I made sure I really gave it my all to encourage my weight loss.

Now, I love running; it’s my salvation. It keeps me motivated because I see a noticeable difference in my performance. Plus, as my weight decreased on LighterLife, I could feel the benefits it had in terms of fitness and overall wellbeing.

Whilst on holiday, I ran passed the marina at Santa Eulalia in Ibiza at 6am, working up a sweat and enjoying the fabulous views and sunrise. That moment will stay with me forever. My life has changed in such a positive way. I’ve had a real confidence boost from being able to take control of a part of my life that has been unmanageable for so long.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the LighterLife sessions. When talking to other clients, I always say that attending group is the part of the LighterLife plan that will make the difference for you. Without the group work, this would’ve been just another diet. Lucy was so lovely and clearly very knowledgeable. She, along with the centre manager Denise Vaughan, really helped me achieve this fantastic goal in my life. I will be forever grateful for their help, support and guidance.

Author: Carlo Bortoloni

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4 thoughts on “4 steps to LighterLife success

Caroline Holley

Am 5ft 2inch, a classic pear shape, 10stone 4, I have three children and have three jobs, socialy busy, always tired, like my food, in all amounts, I am a migraine suffer, also my sleep pattern is rubbish, I became a weight watcher gold member, also for three years been during ‘herbal life’s products, am now stuck and find it hard to lose weight, help x


    Hi Caroline, we can help :) give us a call on 0800 2 988 988 to find out about our programmes.


Hi love tried and tried diets to no avail . My family are great leave a son married two children and a daughter living at home to whom l cook for. Im 60,61next month isn’t too late to start changing and dieting and sort sorry to go on but nice to tell someone how ‘ll feeling.


    Hi Susan, no worries! It’s good to get your feelings of your chest, let us know if want to know anything about LighterLife and we’ll answer. It’s never too late to change for the better.

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