Swap your Fry-Up for a Grill-Up

April 27, 2012 - Weight Management

Are you living a lighter life? Did you know that the typical full English breakfast contains over 1000 calories and a whopping 75.5 grams of fat?

We have been busy putting together our own healthier take on the traditional breakfast, swapping high-calorie ingredients with less calorific and lower fat options that still contain the same rich flavour, so now you can enjoy one of the nations favourite breakfasts guilt-free! The ‘grill-up’ is a delicious alternative to the stodgy British fry-up, and at 434 calories and 16.5 grams of fat, it won’t pile on the pounds!

Here’s how to swap the Full English Fry-Up for a Full English Grill-Up:


Fried bacon rashers, 2 x 40g
Pork sausages, 2 x 50g
Fried egg, 1
Slice fried bread, 1
Baked beans x 100g
Fried mushrooms x 28g/1 oz
Fried tomato, 1


Grilled, lean, rindless back bacon, 2 x 20g
Extra lean pork sausages 2 x 54g
Poached egg, 1
Slice wholemeal toast, 1
Healthy range baked beans x 100g
Grilled mushrooms x 28g/1 oz
Grilled/raw Medium tomato, 1

You can find more healthy recipes like this on our LighterLife Blog, or why not share some of your own tips on living a lighter life in the management discussions board, on Talking LighterLife, our client forum.

2 thoughts on “Swap your Fry-Up for a Grill-Up

sheelagh carney

please can i see the food allowed in the diet before i sign up


    Hi Sheelagh, you can find out more about the LighterLife Foodpacks on our website here: there are also links to the different programmes at the bottom of this page.

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