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January 17, 2012 - Weight Management
Looking for inspiration to create really healthy meals to maintain weight loss? Wondering what to cook? Here is a fab healthy recipe for you to try – perfect for a cold January day.Dish of The Day: Spicy Lentil Casserole (V)
Serves 4

Nutrition facts per serving: 492 calories
Protein – 24 grams
Carbohydrates – 95 grams
Fat – 3 grams

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 45 minutes

LighterLife Savoury Stock x 400ml
Onion x 1, diced
Garlic x 1 clove, crushed
Chilli Powder x 1 tbsp
Carrots x 4, peeled and cut into chunks
Potatoes x 320grams, peeled and cut into chunks
Green lentils, rinsed x 390 gram tin
Coriander x small bunch, chopped

Heat 2 tbsp of the stock in a non-stick pan. Add the onion and cook for 3-4 minutes.
Add the garlic and chilli powder and cook for another minute
Next add the carrots, parsnips and potatoes.
Cook for 5-6 minutes until the vegetables start to brown.
Add the remaining stock and bring to a simmer.
Then add the lentils and cover, and simmer for 15-30 minutes until the lentils and veg are tender.
Stir in coriander and serve.

Top Tip: To make this recipe even healthier, substitute the potatoes with sweet potatoes, or you can also try it with celeriac or pumpkin.

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The Lighter Life spicy lentil casserole is excellent – big thumbs up :-)

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