The LighterLife Pancake Day Survival Guide!

February 21, 2012 - Weight Management

Make yours a lighter life pancake day. If you’re on your LighterLife journey and in your weight loss phase, stop and remind yourself how important it is to you to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Imagine, going to bed tonight, having remained on your plan, how proud you are. And how you know when you wake up tomorrow morning, you’ll think about today, knowing you remained focused and are one day closer to achieving your success.

If you’re maintaining your weight and enjoying a Lighter Life you can get into the spirit, without compromising your waist line!

Healthy pancake batter:
The standard pancake batter uses three basic ingredients: milk, flour and egg. Using this standard recipe each individual pancake will count as roughly 80 calories, but there are a few simple tips that will help you reduce the calories per serving and create a healthy pancake batter.

Switching your milk from full fat to skimmed will halve the calories and reduce the amount of fat in your pancakes. Per 100ml there are also 13 less calories in skimmed than semi-skimmed milk.

Using wholemeal flour instead of plain will also help to lower the GI rating of your pancakes and will also add vitamins and fibre that are great for your health.

4oz wholemeal flour
1 egg
Half a pint of skimmed milk

Put the flour into a bowl and make a well at the centre. Put the egg in the well and stir in the flour, adding milk to make a smooth paste. Beat the mixture thoroughly to ensure that it is smooth and lump-free.

Use a non-stick frying pan and pour in enough of the batter to coat the base. When the underside is brown (2-3 minutes) use a spatula to the pancake over and allow the other side to cook.

Healthy Pancake Toppings:
When it comes to choosing the toppings for your pancake this shrove Tuesday, make sure you maintain your Lighter Life with some healthy and easy substitutes:

Instead of…bottled lemon and sugar which will add up to a whopping 75 calories (3 teaspoons of sugar and 1 of bottled lemon) per pancake
Try…fresh lemon and tablet sweetener at a much more slim-line 8 calories per serving (3 tablet sweeteners and 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice)

Instead of…chocolate spreadwith up to 200 calories (2 tablespoons)
Try…Fresh berry topping with just 50 calories (a handful of mixed berries topped with tablet sweetener)

Instead of…cheddar cheese and bacon with a massive 170 calories (4 rashers fried and 100 grams of cheese)
Try…spinach and mushroom which not only has a mere 30 calories but is also loaded with Vitamins A, K and E too (one cup of steamed spinach one larger mushroom)

Other healthy alternatives to traditional toppings include apple and cinnamon, fat free yogurt or mixed fruits.

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