LighterLife Management: Fruity filo stacks

April 4, 2013 - Weight Management
FruityfilostacksWEBManaging your weight doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy great food – it’s just about making healthy, balanced choices.Satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt with this scrumptious fruity recipe that’s perfect for those spring days.

Fruity filo stacks

Serves 2

173 calories per serving
Protein 11.3g
Carbs 23.3g
Fat 4.1g

2 x 22.5g sheets fresh filo pastry
1 small egg, beaten
100g (3½oz) 0% fat natural Greek yoghurt
1 peach, stoned and sliced
60g (2oz) raspberries
½ tsp icing sugar, for dusting

Preheat the oven to 200°C, gas mark 6.

Cut each sheet of filo pastry in half and place one sheet on a clean surface. Brush lightly with beaten egg and cover with another sheet. Keep brushing and layering in this way until you have used all the sheets. Brush the top one with beaten egg, too.

Cut the filo pastry rectangle in half as then cut each half into 3 squares – you should end up with 6 squares. Place them on a non-stick baking sheet and cook in the preheated oven for 8-10 minutes, until crisp and golden. Set aside until cool.

Spread some yoghurt over one of the filo sheets and place some fruit on top. Cover with another sheet and add more yoghurt and fruit. Top with a third sheet of filo pastry. Assemble the other filo stack in the same way. Sift the icing sugar over the stacks and serve.

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I’m always looking for good low fat recipes for desserts, and this is a great one for the collection. Thanks a lot!

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