LighterLife: Chicken Recipes for a Lighter Life

April 19, 2012 - Weight Management
Dish of the Day: Chicken Pitta Pockets with Humus DrizzleServes 1

Nutrition facts:Per Serving: 318 calories

Cooked chicken x 50g, shredded
Finger length cucumber, cut into strips
Small carrot x 1, grated
Cress x 1 punnet
Reduced-fat hummus x 1 tbsp
Quark or low-fat, plain yoghurt or fromage frais x 1 tbsp
Wholemeal pitta bread x 1, cut in half and split open

Mix the shredded chicken breast, cucumber strips, grated carrot and cress. Blend the hummus with the quark, yogurt or fromage frais. Lightly toast the pitta bread in halves, then stuff the chicken mixture into each half and top with the hummus drizzle.

Top Tip: Avoid soggy pittas in your lunch box by packing the filling separately then stuffing the pitta pockets with the filling just before eating.

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