Weight loss tips: Eating out on a Lite diet

September 17, 2014 - Lite Plan, Nutrition, Weight loss tips


Eating out on a diet doesn’t have to be boring, there are lots of delicious eateries that can tickle your taste buds whilst being waist-friendly. Our experts take a look at five high street favourites, and show you the best Lite-friendly options on the menu.

Fancy an Italian? Strada offers a range of delicious Mediterranean inspired dishes in a chic contemporary setting. Now there’s nothing stopping you booking a Saturday night dinner with your friends, as all you need to worry about is what you’re going to wear!

What to choose:

•            Baked sea bass fillets with salad (no dressing)
•            Salmone lenticchie (no dressing)
•            Tomato, basil and red onion salad (no dressing)

Portuguese inspired restaurant Nando’s serves a great range of dishes, all cooked to your personal taste, so everyone in your family is sure to find something they’ll enjoy. Take the kids out for lunch this weekend and have some sizzling food to warm up this autumn.

What to choose:

•            ¼ chicken breast with peri peri seasoning with salad (no dressing)
•            Chicken breast, fillet strips with salad (no dressing)
•            Ratatouille
•            Mixed leaf salads (no dressing)

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK)
The Gourmet Burger Kitchen is the perfect place for a relaxed lunch out. Their casual décor and extensive burger list fit everyone’s tastes, making even Burger King jealous. Pop in for a light lunch if you’re off to the shops this weekend.

What to choose:

•            Bunless plain chargrilled chicken (no homeslaw or dressing)
•            Bunless veggie burger with salad (no homeslaw or dressing)

Get adventurous at Japanese restaurant Wagamama. Their dishes are packed with flavour, many with low calories, making them the perfect place to eat out for people watching their weight. Plus, their green tea is free – win win!

What to choose:

•            Grilled pork bulgogi wraps
•            Lobster super salad

Loch Fyne
Loch Fyne is well known for its sustainably sourced fresh and tasty seafood. It’s the ideal place for fish lovers as many of their dishes are still sourced from the Loch – hence the restaurant’s name!  It’s elegant and decadent furnishings help make this venue perfect for a special occasion.

What to choose:

•            Scottish smoked salmon ashet (no bread)
•            Oysters (on ice with shallot vinegar and Tabasco)
•            Grilled or steamed fish, seasonal salad, no sauce or potatoes

If you’re not itching to make a booking, perhaps check out these delicious Lite-friendly meals you can make at home instead.

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