LighterLife low calorie recipe: Crab and couscous salad

February 6, 2014 - Recipes

Crab & Couscous Salad_SmallLooking for a light low calorie lunch you can prepare in advance and take to work? This flavoursome and filling salad would make a great addition to your lunchbox!

The beauty of this salad is that it can be prepared in advance and then chilled in the fridge for a few hours until you’re ready to eat. You could even take an individual portion (sealed in an airtight container) to work with you as a packed lunch. If you can’t get hold of fresh or frozen crab, use canned instead.

Preparation: 15 minutes
Standing: 10 minutes
Serves: 2
Per serving:
315 kcal
31g protein
32g carbs
7g fat




  1. Put the couscous in a large bowl and pour over the boiling water. Cover the bowl with cling film or a plate and leave to stand for about 10 minutes, or until all of the water has been absorbed.
  2. In another bowl, whisk together the lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and quark or fromage frais until thoroughly blended.
  3. Gently stir in the crab meat, spring onions, red onion, cherry tomatoes and cucumber, and mix well to combine.
  4. Finally, fluff the couscous, separating the grains with a fork, and add this to the crab mixture, stirring well. Season with black pepper to taste and gently mix in the chopped mint.
  5. Cover the couscous salad and chill in the fridge until required. Serve on a bed of salad leaves, garnished with a wedge of lemon.