Your LighterLife lightbulb moments

June 14, 2013 - Psychology


We asked our Facebook fans to share their LighterLife lightbulb moments. Here’s what they had to say…

Lisa Thomson
When you walk past a shop window and don’t recognise yourself. Then think this is actually working! Massive lightbulb moment.

Vanessa Gibson
As a returning LighterLifer I would say my lightbulb moment was realising there is no magic cure. I can’t wish myself thin while continuing to eat in a thoughtless manner. Food is my energy for life not the meaning of my life.

Mae Brigden Pleydell-Pearce
It’s when you are out enjoying time out with your family. You’re laughing and buzzing, and notice you’ve not been this happy and relaxed in a long time… You notice that your family seems closer to you and that you feel connected just by the simple act of being together… That your fun and spirit is because of your united selves… And then you realise that this unity is not orbited by a meal… a drink… or a feast… That family togetherness isn’t consuming… But that being part of my family makes me, me.

Paula Reynolds
It’s when you are eating something like a chocolate bar and it’s not satisfying you. The stress situation is still there and you stop chewing and you realise that you can make a choice. You don’t need chocolate to make that choice. You turn and face the stress, take a deep breath and put down the chocolate.

Tracey Johnson
When I tried on my corset wedding dress and my back fat poured over the top. Luckily I had plenty of time to lose the weight and had to have my dress taken in four times. It was even slightly too big on the day! Now, nearly two years after my wedding day, I have kept the weight off and weigh 8.5 stone less than the day I started LighterLife.

2 thoughts on “Your LighterLife lightbulb moments

Christabel Strong

One day I took stock and thought “Do I want to be at risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc. and be a burden to the NHS and the country, or should I take charge?” ” Am I really happy this way?” I resolved: I owe it to myself and others around me to take responsibility for my health as it impacts on others, not only those close to me but to the wider community. I deserve better! I have a choice.
Can’t say it wasn’t tough but keep yourself focussed on your goals and keep at it!

fiona hamilton

on week 4. I have lost over a stone …..! moving around easier .my knees are not hurting as much and I can walk around longer. I do feel very tired ,but im sure I will get used to it.
I tackle it day by day and its working !

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