When food is love…

December 17, 2015 - Psychology
When food is love…



Change is a journey, not a destination. What better thing to take with you than a really good book! Here’s our top three reads, if you’re looking for inspiration and understanding towards changing your life for good!


We love ‘When Food Is Love’ by Geneen Roth

As a child, Roth says she couldn’t get enough of her mother’s love. As an adult, she ate more to make up for not having had enough of that vital love in the past. She felt deprived and poverty-stricken when it came to love, and that became part of her motivation for eating compulsively. If you are fearful of allowing yourself to need – if you fear that those needs, if expressed, might never be met – then emotion of hunger can evoke the sensation of hunger.

‘Losing Your Pounds of Pain’ Doreen Virtue

As a result of many years of therapeutic work with hundreds of clients, Dr. Virtue came to understand how various degrees of psychological and physical abuse caused her clients to turn to food for comfort, security and even self-punishment. First you lose your pain then your weight will follow.

Thin Secrets’ Lizzie Kingsley

Kingsley investigates how some people seem to eat whatever they please and do no exercise, yet still stay slim. Have the just been blessed with ‘good genes’ or is it something else that sets them apart?