Weight loss transitions: How to stop self sabotaging

October 21, 2013 - Psychology

self sabotage 76661655If you find yourself in a destructive cycle during your weight loss journey, don’t panic! Examining why you’re overeating is an important part of the process. LighterLife’s psychology expert Mandy Cassidy explains how to overcome self sabotage.

While on your LighterLife journey, you’ll start noticing changes in your body, as you burn up the extra fat you’re carrying. It’s great seeing weight loss results on your body, but your head may not have adjusted so easily.

Noticing that voice in your head that seems to have so much to say, yes the one that just said ‘What voice?’, can be really eye-opening. What does it say to you on a regular basis? Do you have an internal battle between the voice that says how well you’re doing (and feeling physically) and the one that screams at you to eat, or that you can’t do this, you’re not worth it, you’ll never succeed, one won’t matter etc? Does this voice want to undermine your resolve in the old familiar way of past diets?

All too often, these voices flip-flop between absolute positivity (‘I can (must) do it’) and negativity (‘you can’t do it, who do you think you are, I must have one now’), which is called crooked thinking. This is based on an all-or-nothing thinking style that seems to be reflected in you flipping between sticking to your weight loss plan, and then bingeing.

The good news is the work you do in your LighterLife group helps you notice and understand these voices and then helps you to develop the skills to support your real goals.

Don’t let these voices persuade you to give up (again) as this will only reinforce the negative beliefs you have about your ability to lose weight and manage over the long term in a healthier way. Use the support of your LighterLife group, especially at those times when the negative voice becomes very loud, while you practise these new skills of challenging crooked thinking. In doing so you’ll learn to reality check what these voices are telling you, because they rarely tell you the whole story, but rather a distorted version.

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