Weight loss transitions: How to boost your social confidence

August 15, 2013 - Psychology

social confidence 120908542_SmallAfter weight loss, many people feel more confident in themselves, but translating that into acting more confidently in social situations can take time. Here are some tricks of the trade to help you build confidence in company.

1 Stop feeling like an imposter
So many of us feel like an imposter when we’re promoted at work or mix with people we think are our social superiors. The trick is to recognise the ‘imposter syndrome’ and realise that everyone battles it from time to time.

2 Take a risk!
Psychologies writer Lucy Whitehouse used to envy a group of friends at school who seemed cool. She writes: ‘One lunchtime I sat next to the fun group. I could feel myself going red in the face but I knew I had to say something. Eventually I made a joke – and they laughed.’ Lucy was soon part of the group. Those who take risks are often rewarded.

3 Be curious
Rather than worrying about how you look or what you’re saying, focus on the person you’re talking to. People generally love waxing lyrical about themselves so ask them questions and shift the focus their way.

4 Watch out for crooked thinking
Internal statements like ‘I’m boring’ or ‘I’m always bad at making smalltalk’ can become self-fulfilling prophecies. Recognise they’re crooked thoughts and replace them with helpful ones like,‘I’m a strong woman with her own opinions.’