Weight loss transitions: Four ways to improve your self-perception

October 21, 2013 - Psychology

perception 92570110There is a strong link between how you feel about yourself and how you behave. During your weight loss journey, it might be tempting to avoid looking the mirror – but you can use it to be constructive. Here, we look at four key ways to improve your self-perception and set yourself on a path to accepting who you are.

‘Overweight people often find it very hard to look in the mirror, and typically have ignored or discounted what it has told them about their weight,’ says LighterLife’s psychology expert Mandy Cassidy. ‘What do you notice when you look in the mirror? Are you over – or under-estimating how big you are?’

The trick is to use the mirror for constructive feedback. When you look in the mirror, what story do you tell yourself? What words do yo use to talk to yourself and your body? Here are some tips to help you start to develop a realistic, balanced view of yourself.

Practise a mantra
Look in the mirror and say: ‘I like who I am. I accept who I am. I am grateful for who I am.’

Praise five things
Look for the good, rather than the bad, every time you look in the mirror.

Ditch anything that makes you feel bad
Magazines full of skinny models? Websites that bring you down? Feeling good about yourself is a step towards selfacceptance and weight management.

Keep a self-talk journal
What stories do you tell about yourself and your body? How do outside factors like mood affect it? And, most importantly, are they really true?

List it
Write a list of the things that make you live well, feel good and operate as well as possible. What are your ‘care instructions’, and are you sticking to them?