Weight loss transitions: After you’ve lost weight

August 12, 2013 - Psychology

weight loss transition 146810736_smallCongratulations! You’ve successfully managed to lose weight and reach a size you feel healthy and comfortable with; but what happens next? Here, we help you shift the focus from weight loss to long-term weight management.

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching the pounds drop off. You fill your wardrobe with new clothes, take up new hobbies, walk taller, bask in the glow of compliments from loved ones, and generally feel much happier with who you are. You start to believe that anything is possible. The only downside is, that with all the excitement and celebration of your new size and how good you feel, it can be quite easy to forget that losing weight is only the first step of your journey, you need to work at keeping it off too.

Your weight loss transition

When you’re working towards managing your weight in the long-term, it helps to understand some of the classic reactions and emotions you may experience along the way. Here’s a list of some of the typical stages of transition.

5 thoughts on “Weight loss transitions: After you’ve lost weight

Kim Rees

I lost 4 and a half stone a few years ago but in the last 2 months it has been a huge struggle to maintain my weight. Unfortunately it never really goes away.


    Hi Kim, good to hear from you.
    Has anything happened recently that you feel may have contributed to your weight gain? Sometimes changes in our lives can lead to stressful situations – such as moving job, starting/ending a relationship, dealing with family matters – and this can lead us to seek ‘comfort’ in food. Our advice would be to go back to your LighterLife Counsellor as a Management client – explain to her how you’ve been feeling and she’ll help you to explore some of the reasons why you might be overeating again. It may also be worth going back on Foodpacks for a few weeks to get back down to your healthy weight. Good luck!
    Best wishes,
    Team LighterLife


I did litelife but once I reached my goal within a few months the weight slowly creeped back on – 2 years on and I am now the weight I was when i started LL all that money down the drain!!


    Sorry to hear that Diane. Unfortunately some people do find that they put the weight back on if they return to previous eating habits. LighterLife’s Management programme has been specifically created to help people coming off Lite and Total to reintroduce food in a structured way so that they can create a healthy balanced eating plan for life.

    No matter what diet you do, there is no miracle cures or quick fixes when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and keeping those extra pounds at bay.
    It’s all about a healthy balance. If you do want support losing the extra weight and learning ways to keep it off for good, why not get back in touch with your LighterLife Counsellor? They are always there to support you never mind what stage of your journey you’re at.

Joanne hart

I did lighterlife about 8 years ago and I thought it was a miracle cure and that I would never be over weight again. Within a few months I had started to put the weight back on through returning to old eating habits.

After many failed “diets” I returned to LL last year and lost over 6 stone in four months. This time I took full advantage of all the counciling and realised that to keep the weight off I would have to change my relationship with food.

Although it is still not been very long I feel that this time I will succeed. I eat a healthy diet and I feel so much better. I still go to LL meetings occasionally to help keep focused.

It is not always easy but the difference this time is that I realise and admit it is not easy, but it is possible. LL are always there to help.


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