Weight loss support: Five ways to distract yourself from snacking

September 26, 2013 - Psychology

snackdistract smallDuring your weight loss journey, there may be times when you’re tempted to stray back into your bad habits. It’s important to recognise these triggers and then take action to avoid doing something you’ll later regret. In this blog, we outline five simple ways to take your mind off the fridge.

1. Make do and mend!
Rather than fork out for new clothes every time you drop a dress size with LighterLife, why not adapt old clothes to fit or make some new accessories to jazz up older items? Sewing will keep you and your hands busy and stop you reaching for the biscuit tin. For inspiration check out Eithne Farry’s Lovely Things to Make for Girls of Slender Means (£12.99, Orion Books)

2. Mini mani
Treat yourself to a DIY manicure. Amy Sachon at Barry M Cosmetics ( offers these tips: 1. Soak your hands in paraffin – a great way to warm and sooth skin. 2. Push back cuticles by using a cuticle oil, gently push back using orange sticks. 3. File your nails every day, to maintain shape and strengthen nails. 4. Apply Vitamin E oil – which is great for age spots. 5. Treat yourself to the latest Barry M nail colours available at Boots and Superdrug.

3. It’s good to talk
Many of us end up snacking simply because we think we’re bored. Next time you are at a loose end, pick up the phone and call a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to for a while. Alternatively, start a weight-loss diary or blog and write down all the things you want to do when you lose weight. This will be a great tool to help you stay on track.

4. Just dance!
It may sound cheesy but studies show that listening to tunes you love and dancing to the rhythm releases endorphins, which enhance your mood. Not only will you get a workout, it’ll take your mind off the kitchen. So, go on, stick the stereo on and have a boogie! We recommend Just Dance by Lady Gaga and Standing in the Way of Control by The Gossip to get you grooving.

5. Soak it up
The kids are in bed, there’s nothing on the telly, you feel bored and distracted… so what better way to switch off and relax than a nice soothing bath. Create a relaxing atmosphere with scented candles – try the new range from The Spitalfields Candle Company ( If you have dry skin try adding a couple of spoons of almond oil to the running water. For an aromatic treat, buy a bath bomb from Lush ( or check out Soap and Glory’s bath range (