Weight loss matters: 10 ways to tell if you’re addicted to food

February 4, 2014 - Psychology

01 food addictMany people struggle with their weight because they have an unhealthy relationship with food that is hampering their weight loss efforts. Here are some of the common signs of food addiction. Do you recognise any of them?

LighterLife is all about helping you to refocus your relationship with food so that you don’t slip back into negative behaviour after you’ve finished the programme. But before you can kick those bad habits, how do you recognise if you’ve got a problem on your hands?
1. If you’ve had a bad day, this is your reward


2. After you’ve eaten that burger, you feel like this

2 depressed dog

3. Even though you’re not hungry, there’s always room for…just…one…more…

3 just one more

4. The fridge sometimes calls to you when you’re feeling bored

4 fridge


5. You’ve eaten snacks in here to avoid being found out

5 toilet

6. Your best friend is having a party, but instead of the friends you’re going to meet, this is your first thought

6 buffet

7. There’s no such thing as an empty biscuit jar in your house – it’s either full or it’s empty, nothing in between

7 empty jar

8. You make up ‘logical’ reasons why you should eat those fatty foods, e.g. ‘I did five minutes of exercise today, so I’ll eat a whole family-sized chocolate bar!’

8 cheat

9. You have a pattern of behaviour that gets repeated each day, regardless of how hungry you feel at that time. ‘It’s 3pm? Ooh time for a chocolate break!’

9 biscuit clock

10. You hide your habit from others

10 secret

If you recognise any of these signs and would like to find out how to combat your food addiction, visit