Weight loss issues: What’s your ego state?

August 11, 2014 - Psychology, Weight loss tips

483452995egostateBecoming aware of your ego states will help keep you focused and on track during your weight-loss journey.

We’re all familiar with the word ‘ego’, but you might not know as much about your ego states, and how they can affect your behaviour, including your eating.

An ego state is simply a group of related thoughts, feelings and behaviours which influence how you interact with other people and with your own internal dialogue – the conversations you have with yourself. In LighterLife’s group sessions, our Counsellors help you understand these internal voices and the ego states they come from so you can start getting to grips with what is driving you to overeat. This then helps you create a healthier relationship with food – which is the key to successful weight management. See here to find out what else you can expect from our unique group sessions.

There are three basic ego states – Parent, Adult and Child – and everyone has access to all three…

Parent ego state
This is where you get all those ‘ought’, ‘should’ and ‘must’ messages that you picked up as a child from the grown-ups in your life, like your parents. The Parent ego state has two sides: the Nurturing Parent, which behaves in a caring way, and Critical/Controlling Parent, which is – as you’d expect – more controlling and critical. However, it’s worth remembering that:

Child ego state

When people get a Parent message, they tend to respond from their Child ego state. This stems from childhood behaviour, when you would generally aim to please the people these types of messages came from. There are three parts to your Child ego state:

Adult ego state

In your Adult ego state, you’re making your own choice of how to be and what to do, based on today’s reality, not reacting to old messages.

The choice is yours

You have a choice to not listen to the unhelpful thoughts (messages) in your head but instead to look after yourself and your weight.

Engage your Adult

In a situation which has the potential to disrupt your weight goals, being aware of these different messages and the ego states they are coming from can be very helpful. Here are some useful tips to help you switch into your Adult ego state, so you can make healthier choices in your life.

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