Wave goodbye to stress with this free LighterLife workbook

May 15, 2013 - Psychology


In today’s fast-paced world, many illnesses have their roots in stress. Prescriptions are written on a daily basis for anti-depressants and millions of people use mood-changing strategies, like medication, food, alcohol, cigarettes and exercise, to cope with stress.

In this downloadable workbook, we help you to understand what stress is and how to offload it…

3 thoughts on “Wave goodbye to stress with this free LighterLife workbook

madie patel

pls send me this free book as i aim to join lighterlife. thank you


    Hi Madie,
    Thanks for getting in touch. If you click on the link you can download a PDF of the stress workbook, which you can print off and complete straightaway.
    Best wishes,

dianne chrystal

Reading your email and tips on stress….I have been a literlife customer for ten years and seen its many changes. You used to produce the most amazing tapes and cds which I still use ten years on….why do you not produce these any more I like them as they were around food thoughts

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