The Time is Now

December 31, 2014 - News, Psychology, Weight loss tips
The Time is Now

The Time is Now

It may seem that there’s never a perfect time in our busy lives to start a diet. However, New Year is a time for resolutions and a good time to make a healthy new start. It’s also a great time to recap on what you want from the year ahead. Here we give you four reasons why you should join LighterLife now and kick off 2015 on a healthier, happier foot…

You could be three stone lighter by spring.
In the grand scheme of life, what are a few months on a weight loss plan? If you joined LighterLife in January you could be three stone lighter by spring – just three months! Not only will you lose weight, we will also teach you how to keep it off long-term!

Shopping for your summer wardrobe could be a whole new experience in 2015.
Your life is now, not tomorrow ‘I’ll start my weight loss plan after my birthday,’ or ‘as soon as that meal with friends has come and gone, I’ll start.’ Sound familiar? The truth is, unless you make the decision to change now, there will never be a good time to start losing weight, and these excuses will come up time and time again. At LighterLife, your weekly group sessions will teach you how to face social situations without jeopardising your weight-loss journey. Best of both worlds!

Your life goals can be easily reached with LighterLife.
Starting a diet in January can sound a little old hat. Many of us start diets full of verve and energy, only to give up after a couple of weeks once the excitement has faded. We start to see the diet as a chore, rather than a positive life change. In your LighterLife group, your counsellor will help you visualise your life goals and show you that your weight loss goal is closer than you think. Unlike other diets, you will lose weight fast with LighterLife, so you can quickly enjoy your new life as a healthier, happier person.

You deserve it!
Yes, we all have people in our lives that we think the world of. However, if we cant put ourselves first when it comes to our health, when can we? Give yourself the attention you deserve. It’s really easy to use routine as an opportunity blockade. Whether working full-time, managing a busy family or simply keeping on top of mundane chores, it can all leave you feeling uninspired and lethargic. When you’re yearning for weight loss success, or a change in routine, productivity and positivity are your best allies. Take responsibility, make some little life changes and learn to recognise when to help yourself. LigherLife will help you every step of the way.