Psychology: How to say yes to new experiences

August 1, 2014 - Psychology

yes 184816198To achieve positive outcomes in life, it’s essential to change your outlook. We look at how to see the possibilities in situations, rather than the limits, and say yes to new experiences more often.

It may be a tiny three-letter word, but sometimes saying ‘yes’ to new experiences can be the hardest thing to do. But, if your default answer to everything is ‘no’ simply because you’re worried about the outcome, you could be missing out.

For a lot of people, ‘yes’ is a more difficult word to say than ‘no’. Whether you’re invited to a party, offered a new job, or asked out on a date, most of the time saying ‘yes’ means taking action, while saying ‘no’ means you can stay as you are. But what if you’re not happy where you are? It’s easy to say ‘no’ and use your weight as an excuse for not doing things, but part of your weight-loss journey is about learning to evaluate your reasons for reacting the way that you do and making positive changes – not just in your eating habits, but also in your life in general. By saying ‘no’ all the time, you are closing off your opportunities for happiness.

‘We tend to say “no” to things when we’re feeling anxious or unsure of ourselves,’ says Anni Townend, leadership consultant and author of Assertiveness
and Diversity. ‘It’s our negative thinking that limits us from going for what we want. When we’re caught in this negative mindset, our response to situations is much more likely to be “no” or “can’t do”, before we’ve even fully assessed the situation. This is when we put up barriers and limit ourselves.’

How strong is your ‘yes’ habit?

How many of the following statements can you say ‘yes’ to?

If you answered yes…

…to less than three
Think about why you don’t like new things or trying the unknown. Instead of saying ‘no’ like always, say ‘yes’ and see what happens. Don’t worry what other people will think of you, instead focus on what you’ll get out of every opportunity, whether it’s making a new friend or discovering a new hobby.

…to three or more
Well done for being open to new opportunities. Keep on trying different things and experimenting. Remember to listen to your positive inner voice and don’t let negative thoughts rule you.