Poll results: What motivates you to reach your goals?

April 8, 2013 - Psychology

goalsLast week, we asked LighterLifers on our Facebook page what motivates them to reach their goal. We had a great response and our results showed that seeing results quickly was the number one motivator.

Seeing the success of others was rated the second most inspiring thing for achieving your ambitions. Visualising your own success, and receiving knocks and pulling yourself together came in behind.

Although seeing fast results is certainly achievable with LighterLife, maintaining long-term results relies on the skill of mastery.

‘Mastery is the complete opposite of instant gratification,’ explained LighterLife’s psychology expert Mandy Cassidy. ‘It involves practice and time, falling down and getting back up again. It’s not something that’s a one-off – it has to be worked at.

‘Balancing your weight is something that requires mastery. You need to work at it. It’s an ongoing process that needs your attention.’

To help get your head around the concept of ‘mastery’, ask yourself these questions:

1. What have you mastsered in your life so far? (e.g. riding a bike, using a computer)

2. How did you master these things?

3. What have you mastered so far on LighterLife?

4. What else are you currently mastering in your life?

5. What else could you do to increase mastery in parts of your life?

To enjoy lasting change in any are of your life, including your weight, you need to take action and work at it. Insight, self-awareness and ‘light bulb’ moments won’t cut it alone – to achieve real lasting results it takes patience, time and ongoing practice.

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