LighterLife weight loss tips: How to survive the office Christmas party

December 9, 2013 - Psychology

office party 125725624Christmas can bring temptations with it that can derail even the most devoted dieter, but just because you’re in weight loss, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on things like the office Christmas party. Here are some top tips for dealing with difficult situations that might arise this festive season.

1. Fill up before the party
No doubt you will be surrounded by delicious-looking food at your office party and the idea of having ‘just one’ sausage roll may sound very tempting.

Tip: Don’t show up to a party ravenous! Have your foodpack before you go to help keep hunger at bay. You’re far less likely to give in to the buffet on a full stomach.

2. Talk to the restaurant
Your office party this year is being held at a posh restaurant in town and a 3-course dinner will be served.

Tip: You could telephone the restaurant beforehand, explain to them that you’re on LighterLife and ask them if they will serve your foodpacks instead of your meal. You could have a shake as your starter, a savoury meal foodpack as your main (e.g. the spaghetti bolognese or shepherds pie flavour), and a LighterLife bar for your dessert. That way, you’ll be eating the same time as your colleagues. Many restaurants don’t mind you doing this, but it’s worth checking in advance if this is possible.

3. Don’t give in to peer pressure
‘You have to try one! I made them myself!’ Sound familiar? Jeff from accounts has spent hours preparing some delicious mince pies for all his colleagues to enjoy, and you feel rude not having one.

Tip: Just because someone offers you something, you do not have to take it! Congratulate Jeff on his amazing efforts and tell him how lovely they look and smell. Then, politely explain that you’d love to try one but you’re on a weight loss programme that has helped you feel great about yourself, and that you haven’t yet reached your goal weight. Or, pick one up and take it over to your colleagues and offer it to someone else – that way you avoid offending Jeff!

4. Keep your glass full
Alcohol is one of the main events at most parties and you just know that someone is going to ask why you aren’t having a drink.

Tip: Drink soda water with ice and a slice – it looks just like a gin and tonic! Or, if the bottle of bubbly is going around, fill a champagne flute with sparkling water. Make it last to avoid colleagues coming around topping your glass up. Also, avoid drinking in rounds, or you’ll end up with a pint of larger you didn’t want!

5. Entertain others
You’d rather completely avoid eating and drinking in your office party but you don’t want people asking why and fussing over you!

Tip: Take some games along to the party and be the games master! This will keep everyone entertained and occupied. Some good games you could try are: adult pass the parcel, musical chairs, sharades, a Christmas quiz, or a dance competition using something like Just Dance for the Wii. Everyone will be having such a great time that they won’t even notice that you haven’t got a drink in your hand.

6. Forgive yourself
There will be times that you don’t behave as you’d like to and now and then you might well fall off the wagon. If you do slip up and eat a mince pie or a slice of Christmas cake, don’t beat yourself up about it. Think about what triggered that behaviour and be conscious of it next time but don’t dwell on it and let one mis-step derail your entire plan. What’s done is done and tomorrow is a new day – and another chance to get it right.

Tip:  Keep in touch with your Counsellor and speak to the friends you’ve made in your group if you feel you’re willpower waning – they may have some useful tips of their own for staying on track during the Christmas season.