Keep calm and be assertive.

July 11, 2015 - Psychology
Keep calm and be assertive.

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Assertiveness: The quality of being self-assured and confident.

Behaving in an assertive way means being forthright about your needs and wants whilst still considering the needs and wants of others.

It’s important to value yourself and your rights and to believe you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

To perform to your full potential you need to develop your communication skills so that you can behave in an assertive way more of the time.

Being assertive is a healthier way of communicating. By being honest, direct, clear and respectful means finding the voice to say ‘no’, ‘enough’, and ‘no more’ to whatever is holding you back.

Not only can it stop people from walking all over you it can help prevent you from trampling all over others. Ultimately, this makes you feel good about yourself.

Personal Power

Expressing your personal power in this helpful, assertive way builds your self esteem, self respect, confidence and self awareness. It can earn you respect from others, it can help you make better decisions and help create more honest relationships.

learning how to say no



Learning to be more assertive means tapping into your personal power in a really effective way.

Saying “No”learning how to say no

Practice saying “no”.

Be clear and simple.

“No I can’t do that now” vs “I’m really sorry.”

Saying yes when you want to say no means short term gain but long term pain.

Practice what you want to say by writing it down or by saying it to a friend, the more used to saying it you are the more likely you are to say it.

Body Language

Hold yourself tall, look them in the eye.

Don’t wrap your arms around yourself.

Keep a neutral or positive expression.

Practice in front of a mirror.

Avoid “shouldn’t, must, and ought”

Instead, use “prefer, I’d like it if..”

Stay calm, breath slowly, stand up straight, keep your voice even and steady.


Remember, you cannot control other people but you are in control of yourself. As long as you are not violating someone else’s needs then you have the right to say or do what you want.