How to challenge impulsive behaviours and lose weight

July 2, 2013 - Psychology

dv2014045Time and again we justify impulsive actions by telling ourselves that it was worth it for the short high we felt – and then we repeat this behaviour again and again, which can lead to putting on weight. If this is you, read our top five tips for challenging impulsive behaviours, break that cycle today and lose weight for good.

‘I’ll start my diet on Monday’, ‘one won’t hurt’, ‘I’m going to live for the now’ – how many times have you heard yourself make a throwaway comment like this and thought nothing of it? But more often than not, these rash decisions actually leave us feeling stressed, anxious or depressed.

So, how do we put a halt to this self-deception and face up to reality?

1. Stop and think: Give yourself a moment before taking any action.

2. Ask yourself, ‘How will I feel about my decision in an hour’s time, tomorrow, next week?’

3. Ask yourself, ‘What are the long-term consequences if I keep doing this?’

4. Ask yourself, ‘Would I suggest to my best friend that they behave in this way?’

5. Ask yourself, ‘Do I have options right now? What else could I do instead?’

‘At the end of the day, it comes down to how we make our choices and how we value ourselves. Living for the now when it comes to food may seem appealing, but by continually behaving in this way, kidding ourselves that we’ll start our diets tomorrow or next week, we’ll only end up prolonging the inevitable,” says LighterLife’s psychology expert Mandy Cassidy.