LighterLife Guide to Reading Body Language: What Do People Really Think?

March 7, 2012 - Psychology

You’ve achieved your weight loss goals, you’re feeling good and you’re confidence is high – now make sure you communicate the right messages with the LighterLife guide to interpreting body language.

Running Your Fingers Through Your Hair: Flirtatious, seductive
Hair can play an important role in determining the fate of a relationship. So pay attention to the hair! It’s believed that when a woman runs her fingers through her hair multiple times, she’s calling a man’s attention.

Arms Held Behind Your Body With Hands Clasped: Confidence, authority
A position adopted by members of the royal family and armed forces, this stance represents confidence. But research shows that many people find this position untrustworthy because they can’t see the person’s hands.

Foot/ Leg Pointing: Attraction, interested
Our feet and legs serve as pointers indicating where our mind is going, but they also point at people we find most interesting. When pointing towards something or somebody, the knee can indicate desire. Pointing away, it indicates the opposite.

Standing With Your Hands On Your Hips: Confidence, readiness, availability
This pose means we’re emphasising our presence and readiness for action. We see this notably in sport and work situations. In a flirting context, it’s said that our hands are drawing attention to our genital area.

Crossing Your Arms: Defensiveness, reluctance
This is a common reaction we have when we are feeling nervous or uncomfortable. It represents a protective or separating barrier, and is often seen in the workplace when people feel vulnerable or threatened by figures of authority.

Looking Right: Lying, storytelling
The eyes are considered the windows to the soul and can tell you a lot about a person. When we look to the right, it can indicate that we are lying, but in other circumstances – storytelling to a child, for example – this would be perfectly normal.

Looking Left: Recalling, remembering, retrieving ‘facts’
Looking to the left often equates to telling the truth or recalling something. If you were to ask a friend what they did last weekend, them looking to the left would indicate that they are trying to remember.

Touching Your Nose When Speaking: Lying or exaggeration
Scratching or touching your nose when speaking can indicate mild fabrication, The 1883 children’s story Pinnochio reflects this long standing association.

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